P A T C H E S   &   U T I L I T I E S

Wizardry 8


Last patch released by Sirtech.


Combat Speed Enhancers:

Greatly reduces the time it takes for monsters to move from one position to another while engaged thus greatly reducing the lenght of battles.


Transparent Compasses:

Makes the compasses at the bottom of the screen transparent thus giving a much better view of the world in front of you.


To play without the need to have the game DVD disk in the DVD drive.

Wizardry 7

Wiz #7 keyboard shortcuts

Wizadry 7 ( MS-DOS Version )
To play using keyboard shortcuts.
(Adobe .PDF document)

Wiz #7 Patch

Wizadry 7 ( MS-DOS Version )

Wiz #7 Pentium Patch

Wizadry 7 ( MS-DOS Version )
Divide Overflow Flaw/Reboot patch for Pentium processors.

Wiz Gold Install Fix

Wizadry 7 ( MS Windows Version )
Installation Fix.

Wiz Gold 1.1a1 Patch

Wizadry 7 ( MS Windows Version )
Wiz 7 Gold v1.1a1 Patch.
Fixes the 100 in all skills bug, improves combat speed.

Wiz Gold 1.1b Patch

Wizadry 7 ( MS Windows Version )
Wiz 7 Gold v1.1b Patch.
Fixes timing problems during battles and general gameplay .

Wizardry 6

Wiz #6 Root Patch Root patch.

Wiz #6 Divide Overflow Patch Divide overflow patch.

Wiz #6 Spell Bug Patch * New *

Spell Bug Patch:

Patch to fix the spell bug that causes monsters to resist the 7th level “attack all” spells.

Wiz #6 Carrying Capacity Patch * New *

Carrying Capacity Bug Patch:

In Wizardry VI, your character's carrying capacity is based off of their strength and vitality. However, due to a bug, the Wizardry VI game calculates a character's carrying capacity at the start of the game, but never updates it as their strength and/or vitality increases.