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Wizardry Novels

Wizardry 8 Bugs

Wizardry 8 Classes

Samurai Jack Custom Portrait
The fully animated custom Samurai Jack portrait is available!
It's very easy to install (just unzip the files into your Wizardry 8 directory) and very easy to uninstall (just delete them).

Wizardry Endings

Endings (Wizardry 6 to 7)
These are savegames for all the endings of Wizardry 6, with a party you can take to Wizardry 7. There are some nifty items included, like Mantis and Ebony gear, Amulets of Life, and even a Rammbus Staff.

Endings (Wizardry 7 to 8)
These are my Wizardry 7 import savegames. All possible endings are accounted for, and the savegames come with the following perks:

Useful Items - Stun Rod, Elven Bow, Diamond Ring, Cornu of Demonspawn, Pipes of Doom, Ymmu's Paw
Unique Items - Crux of Crossing, Longstem Spade, Chromatic Lyre, Cross of Protection, Milk of Magmanasia
Cool Items - Amulet of Life x4, Peacemaker Arrows x5, Mystery Ray

Wizardry Documents

Speech Document (Wizardry 8)
After asking every NPC every keyword I knew, I created this list of topics to bring up to every person on the planet, to refer to all the "pay me for rumors" topics and a complete list of journal entries through discussion.

Quests Document (Wizardry 8)
Here is a comprehensive list of quest entries... some of which, like Myles' Rapax Rift weapons cache, and freeing him from the Rapax prison, never made it into the game.

Wizardry Editors and Data Viewers

Savegame Editor (Item addition for Wizardry 8)
There are several Wizardry 8 savegame editors out there, but my favorite is the one created by the webmaster of wizardryrealms.com. There is not a better editor out there to place any item in the game into your party. If it asks for tabctl32.ocx, download it here, and put it into the C:\Windows\System32 directory.

Savegame Editor (Character improvement for Wizardry 8)
On the other hand, if you're looking for an editor with straight-up skill maxing power, then this one by cpommer@accessv.com is the one for you.

Data Viewer (Wizardry 8)
Use this program by 7Heaven to surf around the SLF data files in your Wizardry 8 directory to hear voices and sound effects, view pictures, and more.

Portrait Editor (Wizardry 8)
Here is the portrait editor I used to make Samurai Jack's portrait. Thanks very much to Finster for making this editor.

Mad God made the Cosmic Forge editor, which can edit any of the Wizardry 6, 7 and 8 trilogy, look up monster info and drop values from any monster or chest, and much, much more. It is, bar none, the greatest fan made game editor ever created. (Updated October 25, 2006)

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