Wizardry #5:

Heart of the Maelstrom

Walkthrough #3

Thank you to Ultra 2 Wide SCSI for his permission to post this here.

The Laughing Kettle (Who is located at East 22, North 30, Level 1.)

A strange looking kettle, which holds the key for strong fighters, and 
quick spell learning! This information tells you how I had to get on high 
levels when I discovered this amazing tactic around 2 years ago.

First, Find the Secret Door facing North at EAST 22, NORTH 23, Level 1. 
Then talk to the kettle, and he will tell you some interesting facts about 
the game for a fee. Pay him 10,000 as well as the other prices he 
mentions, and what he tells you can always look under MEMO at the 
CAMP screen. Reason for this that if you continuously fight an NPC they 
will not talk to you in future visits by selecting TALK at the NPC menu, 
and you cannot charm the Laughing Kettle (Katu).  After you took this
information, then you can start opposing him.

Before your fighters can face the Kettle, they have to be trained. What you 
can do is loiter around levels 1 and 2 battling monsters until they reach
between the levels 15-20. When your Fighter, Lord, Samurai or Ninja 
reach level 15, try your luck in the Theives' Den, which is located at 
EAST 10, SOUTH 2, Level 4. To get there, you need to pick the lock at 
EAST 14, NORTH 11, Level 1 facing West.  Then take the transport at 
EAST 15, NORTH 9, Level 1.  Thieves are fairly simply to fight because 
they don't use magic. Just don't take anything valuable, and leave all 
your gold at the Castle. (pool gold to a member you have stored at 
Gilgamesh's Tavern.) And don't worry about your weapons and armor 
because they can't take equipped items.

When your fighters reach at least Level 30, make sure you have a magic 
user who can cast Socordi(summoning).  If your lucky, you will be able 
to beat the Kettle with two fighters and your magic user, who may be 
able to summon a Greater Demon, who is "Tiltowait happy". (it's not
guaranteed you'll kick his butt. You can call me a cheater, but I pressed 
the reset button when he won, and returned to Level 4.) If you do defeat 
the Kettle, DO NOT resurrect him yet! You have the option to go back to 
his location (that's EAST 22, NORTH 30, Level 1 if you forgot.) and can 
fight greater demons. They give 20,716 E.P. for one member in your 
party, have approximately 150 H.P., and cast Tiltowait alot(remember 
those guys your Mage summons?). For low-experience fighters, Its 
always good to have three in your party, until one of them is strong 
enough to take him out with 2 hits. If you defeat him, he gives you 
6,905 with three members in your group, and 10,358 with two.

When you do get a Fighter, Lord, Samurai or Ninja on Level 49, bring 
only one of your inexperienced fighters at a time to the Kettle along 
with him. All your new member has to do is nothing; because you 
Level 49 (or higher) fighter will knock the Kettle down and give 
your inexperienced member 264,079 E.P. Then when he receives 
around 1,400,000, take him back to the Adventures Inn (in the Castle) 
and give him all the levels he gained. Its really Awesome!

You know that Sword of Fire that Boltac has for sale for 10,000 G.P. 
in the castle? Buy It! (if you haven't already, and I hope you still have 
It If you did!) It's the weapon of choice!

The Laughing Kettle breathes, which will cause your inexperienced 
fighters to turn to stone, paralyze, or even get "luck drained", or
"Drained one Level!". This is really not good, and I really recommend that 
you press the Reset button (on the control deck) If you lose a battle 
because of this.

So remember, at the "Press any button to Leave the Cemetery" screen, 
they are talking about the reset button.  Instead of losing your best 
members, you are then left at the last save point so you can try again.

Quitting a party to return to the castle will save your position of 
your party, even when the power is turned off. Just select "Restart 
an 'OUT' party" from the Edge of Town menu.

Remember not to resurrect the Laughing Kettle until your Fighter, 
Lord, Samurai or Ninja are on Level 49. Then they can kill the Laughing 
Kettle with one hit who gives 528,158 E.P. for one Member! (Hey! that's 
enough for a Level 1 member to obtain Level 14!)

Reason why I think that this is crucial is because you need approx. 350,000 E.P. 
to gain some of the highest levels, and this is the only way to gain that 
next level quickly.

Use these guidelines to help you finish the game.  But before you do, 
try choosing Word Wrap from the Edit menu (if you use Notepad like 
me). Please note that if you finish the game, you have the option to 
keep playing. (i.e. get all your Wizards and Mages the Abriel spell.)

The Items you will need In order to Reach the SORN (Final Battle):

Orb of Lyllgamyn (Orb located at EAST 18, NORTH 9, level 1.)

Queen of Hearts (Card Located at WEST 8, SOUTH 9, Level 6.)

Jack of Spades (Card Located at EAST 11, SOUTH 16, Level 4.)

King of Diamonds (Card located at EAST 8, SOUTH 25, Level 6.)

(You get the Ace of Clubs after you have completed three of the four 
portions located in Level 8.)

Staff of Water; Blue, Lord of Hearts  Use combination B, E, H, and the answer 
to the riddle is GROWTH (Staff located EAST 10, NORTH 12, Level 7.)

Staff of Earth; Red, Lord of Spades  Use combination C, F, G, and the answer 
to the riddle is CHANGE (Staff located WEST 5, SOUTH 13, Level 7.)

Staff of Fire; Yellow, Lord of Diamonds  Use combination A, D, I, and the 
answer to the riddle is NATURE (Staff located EAST 13, SOUTH 9, Level 7.)

Staff or Air; White, Lord of Clubs  Use combination A-I (all) and the 
answer to the riddle is MAN (Staff located WEST 12, SOUTH 7, Level 7 
and the answer to that riddle is LIFE.)

Now Assuming you know how to get these Items, I'll Start at Level 7.

Locating the Card Lords is easy. To give you an Idea where the Lord 
of Hearts is, he's at NORTH 6, EAST 5 Level 7. Then the other three 
are at the opposing corners (check out the map using the Solemn 
Talisman or Dumapic). What I do first is give the Lord of Hearts the 
Queen of Hearts (I hope you know which card to give to each lord). 
After you give him the Card, he will give it back to you as an 
unidentified Item and tell you that you may pass. (except when you 
give the Lord of Clubs the Ace of Clubs, he will NOT give it back. bummer.) 
Go through the doors to WEST 1, SOUTH 1, Level 7, (the other three flames 
are adjacent to this. Use the guide above to determine which color 
flame you should use for each lord). Now use the Orb of Lyllgamyn, 
and a portal will open to Level 8 (and level 8 has grey colored walls 
by the way). Proceed to SOUTH 6, EAST or WEST 0, Level 8. You meet 
"yours truly". (you fight these guys four times! But with 6 members 
in your party, upon whom the computer picks each time is at random;
also It's a good Idea to have lots of Ninjas or Fighters in your party, 
and at least 1 magic user; like a Wizard. The computer is not afraid 
to use the magic you've learned! {Badi, Labadi, Etc.}) After this battle, 
proceed further to the sphere. You must be equipped with the proper 
Elemental Staff in order to make the face appear, Use the staff while
equipped, then use the guidelines above if you don't know which candles
to light, or what the answer to the riddle is, or what staff to use.

Repeat the above procedure for the Lord of Diamonds and the Lord of Spades.

Now after you defeat the third group of "yourselves", you will get the 
Ace of Clubs. DON'T LOSE IT! Now go talk to the Lord of Clubs, and 
continue like you did with the Lord of Spades and Lord of Diamonds.

Finally, after you beat yourself this time, and have passed the fourth 
sphere, go to NORTH 0, EAST 0, Level 8. The Gatekeeper will disappear, 
and you will face the SORN. She's not to tough to beat, but your MAGE 
magic user is required to cast Socordi to summon the Gatekeeper back 
from wherever the SORN transported him (Now let's remember what 
the Loon told us....). If you whoop her butt (I know you will), The 
Gatekeeper honors you with the Heart of Abriel (but ONLY if you have 
a MAGE or WIZARD in your party!), then you return to the castle (try 
using the Cleric spell of Loktofeit) and G'Bli Gedook says "you the man" 
and you can choose which spellcaster (MAGE or WIZARD) gets to learn 
Abriel. That's up to You!

Congratulations, you beat the game! But before you put the Wizardry V cart 
in your closet to collect dust, try these interesting techniques:

Now that you have a good Idea on how to beat the game, go ahead and 
HONOR ALL YOUR MEMBERS. I mean, Beat the game with those who have 
not gotten a @ symbol yet. As Far as I'm concerned, all It means to me 
that this character has gone through the "completed the game" process
(but it's kind of cool to have everybody honored.).

Have all your Mages and Wizards learn Abriel.

Search for more Secret Doors and Items.

Do the Laughing Kettle Trick to gain more levels.

If you have room in your Training Grounds, Create an additional member. 
Make sure he is Evil, and is a Wizard. Do the Laughing Kettle Trick with 
this character a few times(so he has more H.P.!). Now carefully take him
(or her. whatever you refer your members to.) through the "completed 
the game" process, so he will learn the Abriel spell. If the new Wizard 
keeps dying from breathing monsters of magic users, or they just won't 
bug off, then you need to do the Laughing Kettle Trick some more. 
Anyway, After you have Your new Wizard with Abriel, Use a Cleric 
or Lord to do the Lughing Kettle Trick. You are going to have one of 
them learn, and re-learn the Ihalon spell. They can only use the spell 
ONCE, so you have to gain another level in order to use it again. Now 
Make sure your new Wizard knows every spell in the book (including 
Abriel), and have your Cleric or Lord cast Ihalon on the Wizard until 
he has the attributes of a NINJA. Ninjas must have these attributes:

15 in Strength
17 in I.Q.
15 in Devotion
16 in Vitality
15 in Agility
16 in Luck
Must be EVIL!

Once you have done this, go to the Training Grounds from the Edge of 
Town menu and select Change Class. Select your new Wizard, and 
select NINJA. NOW you have a NINJA that can use Magic! And he re-learns
awesome spells like Ihalon! There's more! Since your member is a NINJA, 
he now has an Armor Class decreasing skill, and he gets stronger as you 
get him on higher levels! (his A.C. will drop one point every 3 levels he 
gains. By Level 321, your Ninja will have an armor class of -99, the best 
in the game!) But the only drawback is his spell capacity is half of what
it used to be. (4, or 5 instead of 9 uses.)

You must have one of your other stronger fighters "assist" your new 
Ninja with the Laughing Kettle Trick.

If you encounter a piece of ?ARMOR which identifies as a Silver Mail, 
keep it.  To use it, make sure it is in your member's inventory. Select 
EQUIP from the menu, and when you are given the option to equip 
ARMOR, DO NOT equip the Silver Mail because it is CURSED. When 
the message appears "Will you invoke the special power of your
?ARMOR(SILVER MAIL)?" Select yes, and the member who has the 
armor in his possession will receive full health. Pass it to other 
members who are low on health and repeat the procedure above.  
This really comes in handy when your Clerics, Lords, or Wizards
are out of magic points, or you don't have enough gold to stay at 
the Traveler's Inn (in the Castle) for long periods of time.

The Silver Mail can be found in Level 4, and a good place to get it
is by stealing from the thieves in the Thieves Den or winning it in
a Chest.