Wizardry #5:

Heart of the Maelstrom

Walkthrough #2

The following was written for SNES and may not be exact for the PC version.

This tip sheet was written in-house for Capcom's game counselors
by one of our game counselors, so please excuse any obnoxious
comments or attempts at levity. If you are too busy to map the
levels for this game, you can order the hintbook from Capcom Cus
tomer Service, 475 Oakmead Parkway, Sunnyvale, CA 94086.  The
book has maps, clues, answers, and a step-by-step guide to the
fastest way to solve Wizardry V.

FAQ's For Wizardry V

1. "I'm on the seventh floor, and I can't find the eighth?" or
"What do I do with the Four Lords?" 	A: Here are the questions
you should ask people regarding the end game sequence down on
levels seven and eight - Do you have the Four Elemental Staffs
(Earth, Air, Water, and Fire) that you find on Level 7?  Do you
g)?  People will only be able to find three cards, because the
fourth is given to them down on Level 8 after they complete all
three card encounters.  Tell them not to panic. 	A lot of
people do not get the Earth Staff and the Water Staff.  To find
the Earth Staff, you must first give the Rubber Duck to the Duck
of Sparks.  The Duck of Sparks will then give you a Munke Wa keys
down on level 7.  Tell the person that they can then go back to
the Mad Stomper and Charm him again, and he will sell you another
Rubber Duck, so that the characters will be able to swim t he
Duck of Sparks, who is in the eastern area of Level 2 (N10, E10),
near Bubba's Health Spa (E9, N10).   	The Water Staff is a
little more complicated.  Ask the person if they have bought the
Lark In a Cage from the Loon.  Usually the answer is no.  Then
ask if they have seen the Loon. If they say yes, you're lucky. 
T em he has for sale.  Unfortunately, most people do not find the
Loon.  Ask if they have the Battery and have made the Pocket
Watch.  The Battery is found on Level 4, around Nessie's Pool
(E9,S9), the one you have to pay $2500 to go to the bottom of. 
T n ask if they have the Blue Candle.  If the answer is no, you
have to then send them all the way back up to Level 2, send them
to talk to the Duck of Sparks.  He will tell them how to make the
Potion of Ghost-Away.  Tell them to go through the door wit the
heavy chains and explore through the darkness to find the Potion
Mixing Table, where they will make the Potion by using the
sequence the Duck gave them.  If they haven't opened the door
yet, leads to a large room with eight smaller one-by-one rooms in
the middle of it.  Go to the room in the lower Southeast, and
search for hidden items.  They will turn up the Hacksaw, which
they can then use to open the door with the heavy chains.  Afte
ey have made the Potion, they need to go to the room where you
see the jeweled chest, then it disappears (E2, N0).  Use the
Potion there, and the Jeweled Chest will reappear, and you will
fi o Lord Hienmitey. Kill or scare away Lord H., then use the
Jeweled Scepter at the door to the Temple of Kamakaji to open it
up.  Go into the temple, explore around, get in a fight with the
Dejin Wind King, open the chest, and find the Blue Candle.  Th go
to (E7, N1), and teleport to the area where the Timeless Room is.
 Search for hidden items in the Timeless Room, find the
Paradimensional Etheralizer.  Connect the Battery to this
machine, w go to the southern end of Level 3 (E12, S25), and use
the Blue Candle at the light in the wall, and a secret door will
open up, that leads down to a new area of Level 4.  Down on Level
4, you will need the Gold Key and the Skeleton Key, as wel answer
to a riddle ("Time").  Once through the Hall of Mirrors, they
need to go to the Loon's Tomb and use the pocket Watch to summon
the Loon.  He will offer the Lark for sale, which will allow ick
up the Staff of Air.  The Staff of Air is found after you find
the Phoenix and answer his riddle ("LIFE") or kill him (the
Phoenix is also a great place to build up experience, by the
way). 	The Staff of Water is at the bottom of the only pool on
Level 7 (E10, N12).  Then go to the Kong encounter  (W5, S13),
beat him and get the Lightning Wand.  The go to (E13, S4), use
the Lightning Wand to pass this area, beat the Kanzi Fire Queen.
et the Staff of Fire.  	Now for the Cards.  To find the Jack,
they need to be on Level 4, either around the area of the Den of
Thieves, or in the hallway that leads to the Loon's Tomb.  They
need to go to (E6, S17) and look for the Mocking Demon Face in 
must use the Petrified Demon to open the door.  The Petrified
Demon can be found on the bottom of the Pool of Blood on Level 3
(W2, S14).  When equipped, the Petrified Demon will Curse the c
ve it uncursed and taken away.  If they do this, they can go back
to Level 3, and it will be there again at the bottom of the pool.
 When the Demon is equipped, the character starts to lose racter
will regain hit points and lose vitality, so it is an even
exchange in the long run.  When the Petrified Demon is used at
the Mocking Demon Face, a door will open, leading to the
encounter n the chest to find the Jack. 	The King and
Queen are easier to find, since they are both on Level 6, the Ice
Level.  The King card is in the Sarcophagus in the Northern area
(W0, S2).  The Queen card is in a chest at the bottom of a poo t
all three cards. 	After they have all three cards and all
four Elemental Staffs, they need to begin the endgame sequence,
which will include visits to the Eighth Level.  To begin, tell
them that once they start, they cannot go back up to the castle
ill have to begin the whole sequence over again.  The Card Lords
need to be done in the order of Queen, Jack, King, Ace.  The Ace
card, again, will be given to the player when he defeats his ter
doing the King stage, the player has either 1) not done the
sequence in the right order, 2) gone up to the Castle at some
point and needs to start again, or 3) did not have an open space
on 	The endgame is simple.  Start with the Lord of Hearts,
give him the Queen card.  Go into the room, and step on the plate
to activate the Blue Flame.  Use the Orb of Llylgamyn at the
flame and the player will be teleported to Level 8.  Get in a ba
th clones.  Beat the clones, and a ball of fire will appear.  Use
the Staff of Water.  The ball will turn into a face that will ask
for the player to light some candles.  Push the buttons B o to
Lord of Spades. Red Flame.  Destroy clones.  Staff of Earth. 
ADI.  "NATURE".  Level 7, Lord of Diamonds.  Yellow Flame. 
Destroy clones, get ACE card.  Staff of Fire.  CFG.  "CHANGE". 
Level of Air.  A through I, all the candles in order.  "MAN".  Go
back to Level 7, give any of the Lords their card, teleport to 8,
go to the middle of 8.  Fight the Sorn.  First thing to do is to
cast a summoning spell (Bacordi or something) to summon t e
Keeper.  When he appears, he will cast the Abriel spell, which
will negate the Sorn's magic powers.  Defeat the Sorn, and the
game is over.  Ta Dah!  You will also get people telling you that
th r is and a voice says "Begone!" and pushes them back.  Tell
them not to worry, and tell them how to do the Card encounters.

2.  "When do I get the Abriel (or the "Divine Magic") Spell."

	That spell is given to you when you defeat the Sorn by
the Gate Keeper.  It is not important for you to have this spell
to finish the game.

3.  "What is the combination for the safe on Level 3, and who
gives it to you?"

	By "safe", they usually mean the Paradimensional
Etheralizer.  They see the precious metals listed, and get all
excited and think they are gonna make some quick money.  Nope. 
The order is CDEG, which is gold, quartz, silver and crystal,
which ma Pocket Watch.  This information is given to the player
by the character called The Snatch down in the Mad Ballroom on
Level 5.

4.  "How do I get through the Hall of Mirrors?"

	Tell the person that the Hall is a small maze within the
game that they need to solve through trial and error.  Tell them
that they need to turn left or right, and instead of walking
forward, use the "A" button to kick and step through.   The sol s
 -  From the message "Entering Hall of Mirrors", K, L, K, K, L,
K, R, K, L, K, K, L, K, R, K, R, K, K, R.

5.  "On Level 4, there are these Disks in the floor I can't get
past.  What do I do?"

	When the player comes out on Level 4 past the Blue Candle
secret entrance, they will activate the alarm system.  This sets
off the Gold Disks on the floor.  What they need to do is step on
a disk and read it's message.  Each disk will have a word (like
"NOFE," which means north) that is the direction that a
characters have to travel.  The player moves in that direction,
goes into the first room he comes across, and steps on the black
disk outside.  Once all the disks have been shut off, the player
needs to go northwest and find the Gold Vault and the entrance to
the Hall of Mirrors.

6.  "How do I put together that machine on Level 6? Who tells you
about it?"

	The sequence is GDAFEBC.  Read it slowly and clearly;
people who are playing this game are fairly dimwitted.  This
answer is given to them by King Yog.  The player must find Evil
Eyes on Level 6 (W8, S2) by walking through the Fizzle Field in
the of the room that negates all the player's magic.  The player
must keep stealing from Evil Eyes until he gets the Golden Locket
or Amulet.  This sometimes takes some time, and the player needs
to have his thief at a high level to grab it.   If you pis ff
Evil Eyes, he will fight you, and sometimes the player has to
kill Evil Eyes and resurrect him several times before the Locket
is acquired.  Once the Locket is in the player's possession, he
n psule, and use the locket to open it.  Once Yog is up, he will
give you the sequence.

7.  "I keep getting spun around in the Mad Ballroom" or "How do I
get to those rooms in the corner of the Ballroom?" or "Where is
the Snatch?"

	Every time you get the message "Oom Pa Pa," the player is
getting spun around.  What the character has to do is cast a
quick Dumapic, find out which way is north, and head in that
direction.  Keep going north until you get off the spinners, then

 walk around the perimeter to get into the rooms and meet the

8.  "How do I get out of the Playhouse Mystery Theater?"

	The Playhouse is a death trap.  Don't go in there if you
can avoid it.  If you do stumble in there, there is a slight
chance you can make it out.  Choose a door.  If you live, save
the game.  If  you trip the wire and get killed, reset the game
r t.  Keep choosing doors and saving until you get out of there. 
The player might just randomly make it out like this.

9.  "Where is a fast place to earn money or experience?"

	There is nothing fast about Wizardry.  People will
mention areas in the other earlier games, tell them there really
isn't anything like that in this game.  Tell people that we did
not make the other Wiz games, so the best thing to do is to
forget the others entirely and just take this game as something
different.  People will occassionally mention Manfretti's Ghost,
tell them it's not in this game. Tough Luck.

10.  "How can I raise my bonus points?" or "Are there any codes
to raise my bonus points?" or "Are there certain names I can put
in to get higher bonus rolls?" 	 	The answer is "NO." There
is no way to get higher bonus points since the bonus rolls are
completely random.  There are no codes that we know of at all in
this game.  Names don't seem to have any particular bearing 

11.  "My alignment keeps changing." or "I brought a character
back from the dead, and now he won't appear with my other

	Duh.  Tell them this - In the game, there is an encounter
you can get into with wandering groups of monsters (any kind,
from dwarves to yeti to white fungi).  At those encounters, Good
characters need to LEAVE and Evil characters need to FIGHT. 
player does the opposite, their alignments may switch.  Explain
this slowly a few times, eventually a light bulb will go on in
the person's head.  The click should be audible over the phone as

er that Good and Evil characters won't start out together, but
will travel together.  What they need to do is take their Evil
characters one step into the dungeon, then select the "Quit
Party" option.  Then gather the Good characters and take them one
st ep in and search.  The evil characters will pop up and join
the party, and they will all merrily tramp off together.  they
then need to take all their players out into the dungeon and find
a Wandering Group encounter (it does not need to be the same k of
monsters), and do whatever is necessary to change all the
characters to the same alignment.

12.  "How does my item work?" or "Where do I find this certain
item?" or "What does my (blank) do?" or "Which cursed item works
for my evil characters?"

	We don't know.  We were never given an item list with
descriptions, locations, and effects of the various items.  The
player is on their own to find out what each item does.  We are
as much in the dark as the players are.  We are currently workin
items list, and would appreciate any feedback from players who
have figured out some of the more esoteric items.

13.  "How can I help the Mad Stomper?"

	You can't.  Get over it.  Buy the Rubber Duck from him
and leave him to suffer.

14.  "GBli Gedook won't talk to me anymore" or "Gbli said to meet
him in the Temple, and he's not there" or "What is that item he
has?" or "I gave him the Orb" or "I forgot what he said"

	Once the player has talked to Gbli, he's got nothing left
to say.  He won't actually be in the Temple, don't worry about
that.  The item he has is a statuette with a Dumapic spell on it
that will not run out.  The price is high, but may be worth
viously, you don't want to give him the Orb, but if the person
has, tell them to go through the secret door at the end of the
hallway (N15, W4) and go back to (N9, E18) and search, and they
will messages (as most don't), tell them to look in the Memo
Feature (accesible by hitting the X button or something, tell
them RTFM, read the friggin manual), and to scroll through it
with the L or R buttons to read the different messages.  All the
mess that a player gets will be stored there (special feature for

15.  "Where do I find the answer to the Celestial Aspects?" or
"What are the Celestial Aspects?"

	La-La MooMoo gives the answer to the Celestial Aspects. 
La-La can be reached only through a secret door on Level 777 at
(E36, N91), that will lead to a ladder up to a new area of Level
1.  La-La needs some sort of present, but at this time we do w
what it is.  The Celestial Aspects are the answers to the riddles
down on Level 8. 

16.  "Is there a pool that will raise my (blank) attribute?"

	All the pools in the game do different things, from
restoring hit points to raising strength to poisoning characters.
 The player needs to find what these different pools do on their
own, as we cannot possibly sit here and tell him where everythi
Tell the players on the lower levels that there is a pool on
Level 7 that raises hit points, restores magic points, and even
restores status.

17.  "I've found Hell, what do I do there?"

	That's not Hell (this is Nintendo, after all), that's
Level 777.  It's basically a bonus level that will give the
player more experience, gold, and weapons.  The door to La-La is
also down on 777.  There is some information to be gained as well
f fretti's Ghost.

18.  "Why do my graphics suck?  Sometimes the monsters are

	The graphics do suck.  The reason why is sometimes the
monsters are attacking from behind, from a natural hiding place,
from darkness, have a darkness spell, etc.  As combat
progressess, the monsters will become clearer.  This is not
because of a programming error, it was meant to be like that.

19.  "A fighter told me he would trade his kingdom for a fuff, or
something strange like that.  Do I give him the wand?"

	Nope, he's just giving you a clue to talk to the Duck of
Sparks.  You don't have to give him anything.

20.  "How do I light up those darkened areas?  My torches and
Light Spells don't seem to work."

	These areas are permanently dark.  There is no way to
make them light up.  The player will just have to feel around in
there and use a Dumapic spell to find their way around.

21.  "How do I read those runes on the floor on all the levels?"

	The runes are not written in code.  If the player stands
back from their tv, they will see that the runes form words.  For
example, the runes on the first floor spell "TIME," which is the
answer to a riddle on Level 4.  The runes are hints and cl the