Wizardry #4:

The Return of Werdna

Walkthrough #1

Version 3 (July 11, 2001)
Author: Stephen S. Lee (ssjlee@shell.rawbw.com)
As with Version 2, you are free to distribute this guide wherever you
please, and amend it as you see fit, so long as you give me proper
I recently replayed Wizardry IV for the third time, and felt that an
update was in order.  Version 1 of this guide was written in 1990, way
back when I was in high school, and bored.  It was written only to amuse
myself, and wasn't intended for general consumption (especially with the
lack of Internet access back then, and the note at the end of the
Grandmaster ending telling you not to help others).
Several years later, I was reading comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.rpg and noted
a cry for help for Wizardry IV.  No written widely available walkthrough
existed, so I hastily trimmed mine down for general consumption, and
unleashed Version 2 onto Usenet.  (I got rid of about 85% of the material.
Other than the list of guardians, there was nothing important there.)
Another half-decade passed, and the walkthrough is now to be found in many
locales all over the Web, amended in many cases.  It is still missing many
things, however, so here is this update, which adds:
* Updated contact information (the old e-mail address, being an *.edu one,
  is long dead).  Feel free to contact me with any requests, questions, or
* Some commentary on just what this game is, anyway.
* Collector's information -- I am an avid collector of old game packages,
  so I just have to get this in somehow, heh.
* Information about the Wizardry Archives version, which plays somewhat
  differently from the original floppy-based version.
* A little more information on the game endings.
* Explanations for some of the more obscure puzzles.
* Some more information on combat strategy.
* Elimination of some irrelevant things that I didn't scrap when stripping
  down for Version 2.
The original Wizardry I was a classic adored by many (although I believe
IV, V, VI, and VII are all superior games).  Unlike the Ultima series,
however, the Wizardry creators chose a different tack in sequels: writing
for veterans.  This had the unfortunate side-effect of making II, III, and
especially IV accessible to but a narrow audience.  Nevertheless, they are
still good games even today if you are a veteran player (though II and III
are heavily reliant on combat and maze-mapping).  When David Bradley
assumed creative control of the series, the beginner was thought of once
again (though his games are by no means easy!)
Wizardry IV places you in the role of Werdna, the evil wizard who was
defeated at the end of the original Wizardry.  You were researching a
powerful, mysterious magical amulet; this research was cut short by a
rudely interrupting party of do-gooder adventurers.  You were killed and
your body imprisoned in a great ten-level underground fortress.  Well, now
you have revived, and seek revenge on your captors, recovery of your
drained powers and the amulet, and naturally, world domination.  (In my
world, you were also a bad former starting pitcher for the Flagstaff
Foozles -- the less said of your 8-ish career ERA, the better.)
Wizardry IV was the first CRPG I know of to explicitly pit you as the bad
guy fighting an array of do-gooders.  It was also written to be extremely
difficult -- it is widely regarded by veterans as the most difficult CRPG
ever written.  Few are the people who can solve the game entirely without
help.  (When it existed, Sir-Tech's helpline was very helpful in a couple
of tight spots.)  You'll fight with the aid of monsters summoned from
pentagrams; you can only control in that you can choose which monsters.
You'll deal with an incredibly intricate maze: the dungeon rapidly becomes
difficult to map, and mapping is absolutely essential to success (unless
you steal someone else's, or use this guide).  You'll deal with puzzles,
many of which are maddeningly difficult or obscure.  You'll also find much
more text than in the first three Wizardry games, which is definitely a
plus.  There are also five endings to the game (not counting just getting
killed outright), one of which is the Grandmaster Ending that is meant to a
test of the truly elite.
If you want to play the game (without a walkthrough), experience with
Wizardry I is absolutely essential (though you cannot transfer characters
either to or from Wizardry IV).  This is not just for the experience; you
need to be familiar with the game mechanics, and there is also a puzzle
late in the game that requires intimate knowledge of the original game.
You can legally obtain Wizardry IV in three different packages: the
Ultimate Wizardry Archives compilation on CD, and an early and a late
version of the original floppy-based version.
The Ultimate Wizardry Archives is still not too hard to find in stores both
brick-and-mortar and dot-com, and on eBay or GameTZ.  It's non-trivial to
get, but it's far easier to get than many other adventure or RPG packages.
A fair price for a new package is $10-15 or so, although you might be able
to get it for less on eBay or GameTZ.
It comes in a large black box with the familiar logos in red and gold on
it.  Its contents are:
* 1 CD in a jewel case.  On it are all seven Wizardry games, including both
  the original and Gold versions of Wizardry VII.
* Manual (256 pages, covering all seven games).
* Manual addendum (orange 20-page booklet; not relevant to Wizardry IV).
* Reference card (white 8-page small square booklet).
* The standard Interplay Reference and Troubleshooting Guide.
* An ad for Interplay's RPG's (for all the game collection completists like
  me!)  Interplay, not Sir-Tech, distributed the package.  (Sir-Tech's
  distribution arm is out of business, though the actual game-writing part
  still lives.)
This is the package you're most likely to get Wizardry IV in if you just
want to play.  (Any attempt to ask me for or give me information on how to
get it not-so-legally will be at best blissfully ignored.  I don't exist
for the purpose of being a distributor of old games, thank you very much.)
The old original Wizardry IV package has a LOT of parts, and is not easy to
find with all the parts.  There are two similar package types.  Both of
them have the following in common (this assumes you have the PC version):
* Small two-piece box (black front, white back), the same size as the other
  original Wizardry packages.
* One floppy disk (both 5.25" and 3.5" versions exist).
* Manual (14 pages).
* Mordor Charge Valid Card List.  This is the copy protection, and is
  printed in that irritating black-on-dark-red-paper fashion.  This copy
  protection doesn't exist in the Archives version.  (As bad as it is, it
  doesn't hold a candle to the Wizardry VI protection scheme, which was
  THE most awful scheme EVER, and was additionally robust enough that it
  was to the best of the knowledge never properly cracked by the pirate
  community; only the Archives version is properly cracked.)  The booklet
  does have a slight gameplay hint or two on it.  Also, the correct copy
  protection number is calculated from the other numbers, not stored as
  game data.
* Technical reference card ("The Special Effects Department").  This is
  the same card found in the late version of Wizardry I, and in Wizardry
  II and III.
* Spell reference card.  This is the same card found in the other Wizardry
  games above.  Sort of a pity, as you can't cast Priest spells, and
  a few spells work differently anyway.
* "Importantant Notice for People who have never played Wizardry before"
  (yellow sheet of paper).  This is in case you couldn't figure out by
  looking at the game package that this is for experts only.
* A pad of graph paper (same as in other Wizardry games of the era).
* A pink tournament registration card.  You fill this in in you finish the
  game (you wlil get three numbers to put on the card -- these tell, or
  told, Sir-Tech how well you did).  I never sent in mine -- pity, I'd love
  to own that certificate they sent you now.
* "Has the first problem got you groping in the dark?"  A solution to the
  first puzzle in the game, sealed with a sticker bearing the dragon logo.
* The Mordor Charge Card.  This isn't necessary to actually play the
  game.  Before, it functioned to get you cool promotional items from
  Sir-Tech.  Now, it's of interest to game collectors.  It's the piece
  that's most likely to be missing from the package, so whether it is
  present or not has a significant impact on how much the package overall
  is worth.  The number on the front of the card is unique (yes, it *is*
  different for every card).
* Black cardboard holder for the Mordor Charge Card.  It's sealed with the
  sticker bearing the dragon logo, and folds open to reveal the card and
  some information on what material benefits it used to grant.
* Warranty registration card (for you completists out there).
In the case of the earlier package, that's all you get.  The later package
has a few differences:
* Stickers on the front of the package reading "Hint Book BEGINNER LEVEL
  Enclosed" and "Suggested Retail Price $19.95", plus a sticker boasting of
  a couple of rewards.
* Yes, the hint book is enclosed.  Far too many people had too much trouble
  without it, apparently.  It's eight pages long, and has only the barest
  essentials needed for solving one of the four regular endings.  (If you
  want the Grandmaster Ending, there's little help to be found here.)
Though it's not all that easy to find, demand for it isn't particularly
high either, so $40-50 is a rough estimate of how much a complete package
in good shape is worth (after all this time, packages will tend to be
damaged or incomplete, however).  IBM versions are worth more than non-IBM
versions (this is generally true in collecting old games).
Running the Archives version of Wizardry IV on a modern computer is (unlike
many older computer games) relatively straightforward.  It's perfectly
happy either in pure DOS or in a Windows DOS box, and runs fine for the
most part.  However, a few messages will appear too quickly for you to
read.  You may need to use a program like Mo'Slo to slow down the game
enough for you to read them.
So, you're stuck, eh?  Well, here is a complete detailed walkthrough to
this game.  It assumes that you are aiming for all three major classes of
endings -- I've tried to add some comments on items that are not essential
to other endings, but haven't tried to be thorough about this.  It's
slanted towards doing things as soon as possible -- in some cases, it's
easier to do things later, but for purposes of game flow, I won't change
what I originally wrote much.  (OK, so I'm being a bit lazy.)
Since this is an ASCII-text-only guide, and I don't feel like rendering
complicated maps into ASCII, this guide gives explicit directions which I
have never double-checked.  They therefore may not be wholly accurate,
though they should be close, and in any event all major puzzle solutions
should be accurate.  I wrote the directions from my maps, which I found to
be inaccurate in a few places for 4 Down (so that is the most likely level
to have incorrect directions).
There is still some information in the walkthrough I'm not quite certain
about, but unless I know it is wrong, I didn't remove it.  Let me know if
something is not quite right.  There is also some irrelevant information
that has survived two rounds of cuts; in particular, many of the things
below should be obvious.  I might eventually abridge the text in a future
* Unlike other adventure games and RPG's, you should not save your game
  left and right, as doing so revives all the guardians on the current
  level.  It's better to save only when you have reached a major
  milestone.  And don't save far from a pentagram if you don't have decent
  monster support left; otherwise, you may find yourself surrounded by
  guardians you cannot defeat.
  However, saving does move Trebor's ghost (see below) far away from you.
  If he starts to get uncomfortably close, you can escape him by saving
  the game and reloading from the same spot.
* For regular guardians, there are 24 different pictures (3 for each
  class).  The picture often is an indication the strength of the enemy.
  Here are the classifications:
  FIGHTERS --   I. Multi-colored, with weapon held low
               II. White, looks like he has a mustache
              III. White, has arms spread wide, looks like he has
                   a mask, has a shield
  MAGES --   I. Wears a tasseled cap, has a grainy smile
            II. Happy-looking guy who seems to be holding a radiant
                object in an upheld arm
           III. Shadowy figure with a purple face, very grim
  PRIESTS --   I. Old man facing you and wielding a large shield
              II. Older man (with lighter colors) facing downward
             III. Distant man with "DISPEL" coming from his hands
  THIEVES --   I. Man leaning way back
              II. Man wearing patch, holding an unconcealed dagger,
                  faces his right
             III. Hides behind a blue wall, looks decidedly evil
  BISHOPS --   I. Does not hold a book, wears glasses
              II. Upright, rather nerdy-looking fellow
             III. Wears glasses and holds a book
  SAMURAI --   I. Injured-looking guy holding a banner with an
                  apparently Chinese symbol on it
              II. Looks like a Revolutionary War soldier
             III. Menacing figure in a close-up with a curved hat;
                  looks like a samurai as sterotypically depicted
  LORDS --   I. Guy in white armor with a funny look on his face
            II. Hand wearing a gauntlet wielding a Blade Cusinart'
                that is activated (this is a weapon with a button;
                when one pushes the button, four blades whirl
                around at incredible speed)
           III. Very pleased-looking guy bearing a flag with a
                red cross on it
  NINJAS --   I. White-robed person in the process of kicking
             II. View of the torso of a man dressed in white
            III. Evil-looking fellow with all his face except his
                 eyes concealed with green
  Picture I for all classes except Ninjas appear on levels 10 down
  to 8 down.  Picture I for Ninjas and Picture II for other classes
  appear from 7 down to 5 down.  Picture III for all classes, with
  a few Picture II's, appears on levels 3 down to 1 down (the Cosmic
  Cube, in other words).  Level 4 down is a mixture of Pictures II
  and III (the main groups, though, are mostly Picture II's).
  Here's how to use these pictures to your advantage.  A MAKANITO
  spell (under the right circumstances; I haven't figured out exactly
  what they are as of this writing) will almost always destroy Picture I
  characters, have a modest chance of slaying a Picture II, but has nearly
  zero effect on a Picture III character.  A LAKANITO always kills a
  Picture I, has very high chance of killing a Picture II, and
  occasionally defeats a Picture III.
* You should try to fight all battles you come across ... this solution
  indicates some of the tougher battles.  Many battles won't give you
  anything essential to victory, and you do not gain experience or skill by
  fighting as you do in just about any other RPG, so you might want to
  skip some battles -- though you run, you will encounter the enemy you
  ran from again.  If you don't save the game, you can eventually beat all
  that level's guardians and explore in peace (Trebor's ghost excepted;
  see below).
* Trebor's ghost haunts the dungeon, and will seek you out.  If ever you
  meet him, he will instantly slay you.  Eventually, you can dispel the
  curse you put on him and so end the trouble, but that will be a long
  time in coming.  You will hear him as you both wander the level.  There
  are several things you can hear, which indicate how close he is.  If he
  starts to get close, run for safety on another part of the level (being
  a ghost, he can pass through walls and over obstacles), or save and
  In the original version, the ghost moves in real time (yes, the original
  Wizardry IV was not purely turn-based), so in the main dungeon view you
  can't be slow about moving around (the ghost does not move when you are
  in combat, at a pentagram or other event square, or encamped).  In the
  Archives version, he does not move unless you press keys while in the
  main dungeon view (this includes keys that do not normally do anything).
* Always keep at least ONE slot open in your main inventory, and
  at least TWO open in the Black Box if you have it.  The game has
  a wisecrack response if you find a special object but have no room
  for it.  (At least the game doesn't crash or demonstrate flaky buggy
  behavior like Wizardry VI when this happens.)
* If a battle exhausts you, run quickly back to your local pentagram.
  While running as such, try not to fight any major battles.
* Don't worry much about body armor.  In most cases, you're safe behind a
  wall of monsters (as long as you have three groups of monsters around,
  you won't be a target of melee attacks) and even if you do get exposed,
  wearing Robes probably won't help if an enemy can swing 16 times at you
  for 400 damage.
* The number of keys you press counts towards your score in the end.
  If you care about that, avoid making typing errors, and don't wander
  around needlessly (which also puts you in peril of Trebor's ghost).  And,
  when you cast a spell, only enter the first letter, then choose from the
  list the computer provides.
* Avoid using Captain Thorin's Mordorcharge card.  (There is a chance
  you'll be caught for using a stolen credit card.  Try it just to see what
  can happen.)  Use cash only for the Oracle, and never refuse him if you
  have the cash.  There are about 40 hints dispensed by the Oracle, and
  many of them are crucial to solving the game if you lack an explicit
  walkthrough.  They come in a fixed sequence.
Turn off the Status and the Command list by pressing (O) to begin with.
This will let you see items on the ground and ceiling more easily.
Go north to Pentagram 1.  Summon a group of Creeping Coins, a group of
Zombies, and a group of Level 1 Priests.  There should be 9 Coins, and
at least 4 each of the other two; if there aren't, move off and on the
pentagram and try again.  (You can always go with fewer monsters, but
combat is difficult enough that you probably don't want to press your
The Creeping Coins always number nine, and they can call for help and
breathe for 1 damage to each enemy.  The Zombies can paralyze enemies.
They're vulnerable to dispel attacks, but are powerful enough to be worth
the risk.  The Level 1 Priests cast the Milwa spell, and can also heal
you.  (If you read the starting hint enclosed with the game, you know
this.  If you had a hard time figuring this out, it only gets harder.)
They even have good fighting capability.
Go one west and go north and south and north and south, etc., until
you get a battle.  Fight it out, and hope that a Level 1 Priest casts
a Milwa.  If a Milwa isn't cast, keep wandering until someone casts
it.  (You can't cast it yourself, yet.)  Take Dios Potions and Halito,
Badios, or Katino scrolls.  They're not only useful, but provide
excellent bait for Thieves.  (Always leave two spaces open in your
When it is cast, a secret door will be revealed on the north side of
the room.  Exit via this door, and go 1N.  Go 1W, 5S, and 1E, battling
your Guardians as they come along.  (If, at any time until you defeat
the Outer Guardian, you run out of spells or a kind of monster,
reverse these instructions to charge up at the Pentagram)
Go 2S, ignoring the message.  This Inner Guardian should be relatively
easy.  Then go 4W, and 4N.  Your MILWA may run out, so you may need to wait
for an encounter and have it cast to see the door here.
Go west through the door, ignoring the message, and one more west and
fight the Middle Guardian.  He isn't hard, either.  Then go 6N, 13E, 6S
to (16E, 9N).  Make sure you're at full power, then save the game facing
the door, which you need a Milwa spell to discover.
Go 2E, reading the message, and try to defeat the Outer Guardian.  He
can cast the Mahalito spell, so he might hurt quite a bit.
Now go 7S, 16W, and 4N to the pentagram at (2E, 6N).  Summon the same
allies again, then go 12N 8E to south of a door (10E, 18N).  Save the
game.  Go 1N and read the message, then go 1E and battle the last guardian
of this level.  Use Halito repeatedly.  Once you win, take the Charred
Tallow (Black Candle) and the Amulet (Jeweled Amulet).  The Amulet can cast
Dumapic, and the Black Candle can cast Lomilwa.  Equip the Candle, but
don't use it, as it may disappear.  Leave two spaces open in your
Don't save the game yet!  Head east, passing the stairs going up, and
head down this very very long corridor until you reach the end of it.
You'll find the Bloodstone.  Take it, and invoke its power via the
(E)quip command.  You can't equip it, though, and if a Thief steals
it, or any other stone, restart from the last saved game.  (That's why
it's a good idea to hold "bait" for the Thieves.)  Return to the
stairs and go up.
(If you do not want to deal as much with having essential items stolen by
thieves, you can come back and get the stone later only when you need it.
In principle, you do not actually need any stones until you escape from the
Go 6N and 2W to (0E, 6N) and summon Level 3 Priests, Mummies, and a
No-See-Um swarm.  (The Priests cast healing and light, the Mummies drain
levels from your foes, and the No-See-Ums can breathe for 1 to 4 damage to
each foe.)  You should have at least 4 Lvl 3 Priests and at least 4
Mummies.  Go 1E, and save the game.
Start poking your head into all the doors in this corridor.  You'll get
plenty of encounters.  (Don't go beyond the bend at the end of the hall
yet.)  Defeating Talon's Tigers is relatively easy, and you'll get the Cone
of Silence, which casts Montino (useful if you're having trouble with
do-gooders casting mass damage spells) and is invokable.  But if you find
Greyhawk's Ghostbusters, run away; they are much more powerful than you at
this stage in the game.  You can fight Brightblade the Samurai as well and
get his Beanie (Novice's Cap) which casts a Katino and can be invoked.
Go north to the end of the hall to (2E, 17N).  Go 2W, 1N.  Defeat the
Privates (not too hard).  Go north and fight the Corporals (not too hard,
either).  Then go 1N and destroy the Captain and his gang (this one might
kill you, but you should be able to win.)  Take the Cloak (Twilight Cloak);
you might want to invoke its power.
Go 1S, 1W, 1S, and 2E, returning to (2E, 17N).  Go 15E to the end of the
hall, and turn and go 15S to the end of THIS hall (17E, 2N).  Go 2E and
1S.  Defeat the Privates.  Go 1 south and defeat the Corporals.  Go 1W and
obtain the Lander's Turquoise it.  Invoke it and hang onto it.
(Optionally, you can get this later in the game only just before you're
about to use it.)
Go 1E, 2N, 2W, 15N, and 4W to (13E, 17N).  If you don't have a Milwa spell
on, find a battle so a Priest can cast it.  Go 3S (through a secret door)
and read the message.  Go 1E, 9S, and 5W to the stairs up.
(If you recharge at the Pentagram on this level, reverse the directions
EXACTLY; otherwise you may get killed walking over the land mines that
litter the level.  The land mines get more powerful the farther south
you go.  Also, remember to restore from a saved game if one of your Stones
is stolen.)
Go 1W and read the message.  Go east until the wall, to (19E, 19N).  Go 4S
and 1W, to the pentagram at (18E, 15N).  Summon some Level 5 Priests, some
Spirits (they can cast Mahalito) and some Shades (which drain levels).  You
should have a least 3 Shades, 4 Priests, and 5 Spirits.  Go 1W and save the
Head 4W to (13E, 15N).  Go 3S.  You'll probably find the two large bands of
adventurers guarding this level somewhere along the line here; they're not
too hard to take out with all your mass damage spells.
Don't save the game!  Go to the pentagram and recharge, and follow these
directions PRECISELY:  5W, 3S, 3E, 3S, 1E, 2S, 4W, 2N, 3W, 2N, 1W, 3N, 4W,
3S, 1W, 1S, 1W, 2S, 5E, 1S, 1E, 2S, 2E, 1S, 5E, 2S, 3E, 2S, 5W.  You should
now be at (14E, 0N).
Go 1N.  Enter the pool (you will take some damage from acid) and retrieve
the Witching Rod.  It casts a Kandi (it'll tell you where Trebor's Ghost is
at the moment), but don't use it; it might disappear.  (You do not
actually need the Rod until later in the game, so you might want to come
back later, after escaping the dngeon.)  Go 1S, 3W, 2N, 4W, 2N, 2W, 1S, 1W,
3S, 3W to (1E, 0N).
Make sure you're at full strength, and go 1N.  Defeat Glum, the Assassin.
Take the Weighty Cube, which is the Black Box, and equip it.  If you use
it (it won't disappear), you can stuff any unequipped object you like into
it -- up to 19 new objects; the extra inventory space is essential.  (But
don't try to put the Black Box into the Black Box itself!  Unless you've
saved the game and want to see a funny message, that is.)  You should have
the two stones and the Witching Rod in it, and maybe assorted amulets,
potions, and scrolls.  Go 1W, and head up.
You won't need "thief-bait" anymore now that you have the Black Box.
If you don't mind delaying getting the best weapon in the game, you can
also skip this section and skip restoring the Temple of the Dreampainter,
which is up shortly, until later.  Doing so, while it will make life
easier now, will make life tougher later as you will be without a weapon
that enhances your powers.  Your call.  I would get the stones now,
personally.  If you wait for a longer time, you can fly over the pits with
the Winged Boots, so you don't have to collect lots of healing potions to
If you want to easily view all three Evil endings (which are all
quite different), you should delay getting the sword for as long as
possible.  You do not need it until you after have escaped from the
Don't let the Darkness scare you.  There are only 3 squares of it (all
that you see).  Go 2N and read; then move 1S, 1E, and 3N to (1E, 4N) and
read.  Go 2S, 1E, 2S, 2E, and 1E to the pentagram.  (Gather Dios potions,
as many as you can get, and stuff them in the Black Box.)
Single encounters on this level aren't hard, and you'll find no thieves
also.  Killer the Ninja has a Cloak which you might want.  The groups you
find are fiendishly difficult for a newcomer to the level.
Charge up at the Pentagram.  Summon Spirits from the previous Pentagram,
Priestesses, and Goblin Shamans (who are a tad more powerful than Spirits).
Priestesses are what Level 7 Priests would be like, and the Shamans cast
3rd level Mage spells and 2nd level Priest spells.  I did not find any
of the other Level 4 monsters to be as effective as Spirits.  Have at least
4 of each.  Go 1S and 4W.  Go back down, to Level 8.  Save the game.  Go
east and kill Glum again.  (You could go south and face the Golem
instead if you want a little variety.)  Save the game.  Wander about on the
path shown above until you get plenty of Dios potions.  Follow the path to
(3E, 9N).  (Don't return to the Pentagram on Level 7; recharge at the
Pentagram on this level.)  From Glum, it is: 1S, 3E, 3N, 1E, 1N, 2E, 2S,
4E, 2S, 8E, 2N, 3W, 2N, 5W, 1N, 2W, 2N, 1W, 1N, 5W, and 1N.  Face west.
Save.  Reload and turn Status On.
Go 2W.  (You'll take 10 damage for each step because of the Land Mines.)
If you don't have an encounter, you may want to restore, as your Priests
can heal you wounds in battle.  Go 1W.  Take the Golden Pyrite, invoke it,
and stuff it in the Box.  Go 4S.  If your Hit Points become a single digit,
camp and use your Dios Potions.  Take the Amber Dragon Stone, invoke it,
and place it in the Box.  Go 1W and 3S to (19E, 2N), healing along the way.
You can throw awy any remaining potions.  Go 2S, 8W, 2N, 4W, 2N, 2W, 1S,
1W, 3S, 3W, 1N, 1W, then go up.  Save and go 4E.  Save again if you make
Now at (4E, 0N), camp and use the Black Candle.  If it disappears, restore
and try again.  Put it back in the Box and equip the Box again; equipping
the Candle de-equips the Box.  (Gather Jeweled Amulets while on this
Go 1N and summon the same friends.  Go 1S and 10E.  Along the way, you'll
probably be assailed by the two large groups of guards.  Don't take the
"Use Me Cape"; it's *very* badly cursed, and you have no way of removing a
cursed item at this stage of the game.  (You can try it and use it just to
see the messages you get, but save the game first.)  Thorin (of Thorin's
Tramplers) is tough but has the MordorCharge Card; put it in the Box if you
wish, though it's not necessary to solving the game.  If you encounter
mages named Tele-Vipers or Voltar, kill them quickly as they can cast the
Makanito spell, which at your low level will automatically instantly kill
Your priestly allies should at some point cast the Maporfic spell, which
lowers your AC by 2.  It's good to have, and it lasts for the rest of the
game (thankfully, as you are a mage, there are no anti-magic zones in this
Once you reach (14E, 0N), take the western door on the north side of the
room, and do the same for the next 6 rooms (the last being a secret door
north of 9 east, 13 north).  Go 3N, 1E, 1N, and read.  Go 1E and read,
then go 1E and read.  Camp.  Take out the Bloodstone, the Lander's
Turquoise, and the Amber Dragon.  Invoke all three of these now, and go
2W, 1N.  Place the stones in reverse order on the altar.  You will be
offered a Sword.  The Amber Sword (Dragon's Claw) gives you once swing
for up to 24 damage, and will regenerate 4 hit points each round, or
periodically outside of combat.  The other two, the West Wind Sword and
the East Wind Sword, cannot regenerate but are both superb fighting
weapons; they also boost your chance to hit.  Take the sword of your
choice; experiment a little and settle for your favorite.  (Notice that
the sword you select has a bearing on three of the five game conclusions,
so you might want to retrieve the sword later -- although in the meantime
the fighting will be considerably harder.)  Go 1E.  Go up. Save the game.
This level is constructed of 16 4x4 clusters all set out in a neat,
orderly manner, with a spinner at the intersection of the junction of
the passages between the clusters.  Each horizontal row of clusters
always has the same formation, but vertically it's always different.
(There are 3 pentagrams on this level.)  On each side of each cluster
there is a door, but only the door on the west side of each cluster is
usable.  This is useful knowledge.  When you get spun around, go forward
and check both doors between the intersection you left and the
intersection ahead.  If the first one is real, the Spinner took you
north; if the second is real, the Spinner sent you south.  If neither
is real, you can't tell, and must cast a Dumapic, preferably with a
Jeweled Amulet (you will quite possibly need to cast more than the
maximum 9 Dumapic spells you can cast yourself).  Use this to guide your
way through the level.
You'll start at (6D, 7E, 6N).  Go 1W, 1N, 1E, 1N, 2W, 3S, 1W, 1S to the
Spinner at (4E, 4N).  Head west to the Spinner at (19E, 4N).  Head north
and enter the door on your right. Go 3N, 2E, 1S, 1W to a Pentagram.  Summon
Goblin Shamans from the previous pentagram, Bishops (who can cast
some fairly high-level spells, unlike a regular PC bishop in a regular
Wizardry games), and Wights (these are very powerful; they cast Dalto
and Lahalito, they can paralyze, and they drain 2 levels when they land
a melee blow).  Be sure that you have 3 Wights, preferably 4, and at
least 4 of the other two.  Go 1E.  Save. (If, at any time, you find a
Sentinel, defeating it will return you to the cluster holding this
pentagram.)  Combat is very easy on this and the next level with the
Makanito spell (you need to do the right things for this to be
effective, however, and I am not certain just what they are).
The leader of one of the two teams on this level holds a Holy Reliquary
(Saint Rimbo Digit) which will cast the powerful Tiltowait spell.  Use it
sparingly; if it disappears, you'll have to return to this level to get
another one.  Also, beware the bishop named Tiltowait (who can cast the
same spell as his name).
Exit the cluster and return to (19E, 4N).  Go north to the spinner at
(19E, 9N).  Go west to the spinner at (14E, 9N).  Go west to the spinner
at (9E, 9N).  Go north and enter the door on the right.  Go 3E, 1N, 2W,
2N, 1E, 1S, 1E, and 1N.  You'll be asked an easy riddle (the answer, of
course, is AMULET).  Take the Good Hope Cape he gives you and equip it.
The Cape will give you one extra attack, boost the damage you can cause
with your weapon, increase your to-hit statistic, and will also augment
your spellcasting capabilities.  (Boz the Thief has another magic cloak
you might want to check out, though you are almost certainly better off
with the Good Hope Cape.)
Exit the cluster and return to (9E, 9N).  Go north to the spinner at (9E,
14N).  Go north to the spinner at (9E, 19N).  Go north, enter the door,
then go 3N, 1E, 2S, 2E, and save the game.  Go north and fight Jesse The
Smith (make sure you have room for two objects beforehand).  He has 89 HP
and can cast Lakanito; try not to use the Digit.  When he is defeated take
his Turban and his Tale of Madness (Arabic Diary).  You'll be ported to the
stairs up at (17E, 9N); take them and encamp.  Invoke the Turban and box it.
It can only cast Halito, but you should hang onto it.  (Actually, I'm
not certain what for now, but not only did I originally write this, but
the Quest for Clues II walkthrough says it is essential as well.  Huh.
Anyone know for sure?)  Pack away the Arabic Diary.
This level is a confusing matrix of light squares and dark squares,
arranged like a chessboard; but there are walls, and near the walls,
you'll discover that all is dark.  There are also Butterflies hanging
around by the dozen around here; there are 10 kinds (5 of each
Go 1 east.  Read.  Go 4 east.  Go north to the pentagram at 5 east 5
north.  As on the previous level, combat is easy, except this time you
can use the Lakanito spell.  But run away from or quickly defeat Mage
Marian if you can, as she can cast the Tiltowait spell.  You'll also
find a few special objects: a Furred Cone (a Magician's Hat), and
the Cape of Hide.  Place both in the Box (they are obtainable from some
of the combats on the levels).  The Cape of Hide, when used, will first
cast a Malor spell, and subsequently a Dios spell; it will never, ever,
run out of charges.  It's a nice source of healing to have, as soon you
will no longer be able to summon new powerful priestly allies from
pentagrams.  (Allies that can cast sixth- and seventh-level priest
spells never become available.  Pity, as Mabadi would have been really
nice in some major battles.)
Summon some Wights (again), and also some Gas Dragons (real nice, but
a Lakanito will kill most or all of them) and some Priests of Fung.
Have 4 Wights, at least 5 Priests of Fung, and at least 3 Gas Dragons.
Wights (being undead) are very vulnerable to Horin's Holy Rollers on
this level, but they're still too powerful not to have around, if you
ask me.
Save at Pentagram 6.  Don't stray off this trail, and use Lakanito on
any Mages or any encounter containing more than one foe:  2 south.  3
west.  Defeat the D-3 Evil Priest Gaudy Sphinx.  2 north.  2 west.
Defeat the L-1 Good Fighter Meleager Blue.  1 north.  3 east.  Defeat
the L-3 Good Priest Purple Emperor.  4 east.  Defeat the D-4 Evil
Thief Emperor Tau.  1 north.  1 west.  Defeat the L-4 Good Bishop
Golden Danaid.  1 north.  4 east.  Defeat the D-1 Evil Fighter Io.  2
west.  2 south.  (Make sure you have enough strength to go on.)  4
east.  Defeat the Pair of L-5 Fighters, Mistress Flavia and John Ap
Griffin.  Take the "unusual object" appearing there.  Don't invoke it yet;
every time you use it, there is a chance it will disappear, and always if
it is not equipped.  Put it in the Black Box.
Don't save the game at any point -- it will mean that you will have to
defeat many strong enemies over again!  1 east, 2 north.  This square
at 13 east 8 north teleports you to 16 east 0 north.  1 north.  3
east.  12 north.  1 west.  2 north.  1 east.  4 north.  (19 east 19
north.  If you need to go restore strength, there is a teleporter at
18 east 3 north that will port you to 11 east 2 north.  Make sure that
you are in the fourth rank.)  7 west.  Kill the D-5 Evil Ninja Death's
Head.  (You only have to defeat an L-2 and a D-2 now.)  3 west.  1
south.  You'll find a dead body here, with an Oxygen Mask (supposedly,
a euphemism for "demonic ritual mask", or whatever it was).  Take it,
equip it, and invoke it.  The Mask will give you 100% protection
against any Makanito and Lakanito spells, but, of course, it does not
extend to your allies.  It will only have effect you if you invoke it.
Its effect wears off if you move to a different level; you must invoke
it again (although there is a chance it will break) to retain the
protection.  If you use it twice on a level, without moving to any
other level, the item will explode.  Also, it will explode if you do not
have it equipped.  (If you need to get it again, it's at 5 down 9 east
18 north.)
Go:  1 north.  10 east.  4 south.  1 west.  4 south.  Defeat the L-2
Good Mage Silverstripe (the Mask will protect you here).  3 south.  1
west.  Pick off the D-2 Evil Mage Lappet.  Recharge at Pentagram if
necessary.  2 east.  5 north.  1 west.  2 north.  1 east.  4 north.
12 west.  2 south.  2 west to the Stairs Up at 5 east 17 north.  Save
the game before taking, and don't save until you reach the pentagram.
This level is probably one of the most fiendish to map in computer
gaming history.  The place is jam-packed with one-way passages, cages,
and rotating rooms.  One-way passages ought to be self-explanatory.
Cages are 1X1 rooms constructed so that a one-way passage enters or
that a rotating room (see below) drains into the room.  Then it closes
on you and you're trapped.  You can only escape by casting a Malor (by
a spell, a Diadem, or the Cape of Hide) way back to the Catacombs
(teleporting higher at this point results in deflection); or you can
use the GetOutOfJailFree card (unidentified, 'A Yellow Card') held by
a guardian on this level.  (Using the card gets you out in a random
direction.)  Rotating rooms have walls, or one-way passages, on two or
three sides.  If you enter them, or if you camp in one, the room will
rotate in a preset direction (for a particular room the direction is
constant, but two different rooms may go different ways).  Saving and
reloading rotates all rooms like this.  (Note that this construct
allows two adjacent rotating rooms to have a shared wall; the wall in
common may "move around" in both rooms.)
Go 1E, and 1E through a one-way passage.  Go 2N into a rotator.  Go east
through the provided exit into another rotator.  Go 2N and hit yet
another rotator.  Exit and reenter until the rotator faces north, then go
1N and 2W to Pentagram 7.  (South of this pentagram there are one-way
passages that can trap you in such a way that the only escape is by
Malor, and also makes the game impossible to solve though it's not
immediately obvious; be careful not to enter that area.)
Summon some monsters (suggested: Wights, Priests of Fung, and Evil Eyes;
the Pentagram 7 monsters are relatively weak, so you may want to
experiment a little).  This pentagram is at (1E, 7N); others may be found
at (12E, 0N) and (16E, 16N).  As for encounters, they are quite a bit rarer
on this level. Dorion's Grays is hard; Dorion has enough hit points to
survive a Tiltowait and casts a Tiltowait himself.  Khan's Kosmic Killers
has no fighter-types (Fighter, Samurai, Lord, Ninja) at all, and its 2
thieves and 4 spell-casters shouldn't hurt badly if you use your Oxygen
Mask.  Many members of both of these teams can be killed by a Lakanito;
those who aren't killed should be finished with a Tiltowait.
2E, 1S back into the rotator.  Exit and re-enter until it faces south.
Head straight south into a rotator.  Exit east.  Nearby, at (6E, 6N),
there is a rotator.  Look around to find the entrance.  (If there isn't,
save and reload, and one should appear.)  Enter and exit south.  You
should find the Ron Wartow Memorial Pool.  (This is not necessary if
you are seeking one of three Evil alignment endings.)  Take a dip. Your
alignment will change to Neutral.  Exit south through a one-way passage.
DON'T STRAY from here on; there are many one way passages here that will
force you to backtrack.  1E, 1N, 3E, 3N, then 5W through a one-way passage
at the end.  1N through a one-way passage.  2N through a one-way
passage.  3N.  Visit the Witch.  You already have the Tannic Acid (the
Witching Rod; remember, it came from the wood of the trees, and the
trees leaked the pool of acid whence the rod came), the Fe-S-Sub-2 (that
is, the Golden Pyrite; a molecule of pyrite is composed of one iron and
two sulfur atoms -- Starcross and Stationfall aren't the only games
where a little outside chemistry knowledge comes in handy), and the
Furred Cone (Magician's Hat).  The Blender is a Blade Cusinart' (check
out its picture on the copy protection booklet), the Spanish Unguent is
the Cleansing Oil (Oil of Ole!  get it?), and the Camphor is the
Aromatic Ball (all found later).  2S, 1W, 3N, 13E.  (There is a
pentagram near here if you need it.)  1N, 2E, then 3N to the upper-right
hand corner.  6N, 2W, 1N, 2W, 1N, 1W, 2N.  Take a Marble (the Aromatic
Ball), invoke it once, and keep it safe in the Box.  Camp and teleport
to (10D, 11E, 19N) if you lost the Black Candle.  Then teleport to (9D,
9E, 5N).  (Until later in the game you cannot cast Malor to anywhere
other than 10 Down and 9 Down.)
(Since you can't teleport directly to the Dreampainter at this stage
in the game, follow these instructions, which are the same as before:)
Go up, then 10E, 3S, 2W, 1S.  (Ignore the pentagram because the monsters
are weak to you now.  You may use the Winged Boots to fly over land mines;
be sure to restore if they explode.)  4W, 3S, 3E, 3S, 1E, 2S, 4W, 2N, 3W,
2N, 1W, 3N, 4W, 3S, 1W, 1S, 1W, 2S, 5E, 1S, 1E, 2S, 2E, 1S, 5E, 2S, 3E,
2S, 8W, 2N, 4W, 2N, 2W, 1S, 1W, 3S, 4W.  Bash Golem.  1N, then go up.  19E,
2N.  Camp and invoke the Winged Boots.  Now you can safely move about the
ziggurat.  12N, 2W.  Look at the Advertising Blimp (which turns out to
be a false lead).  4N, then 6W to (11E, 18N).  3W, reading messages as you
go.  2W.  Take the Orange Rod (Hopalong Carrot).  5W, 18S, 4E, 8N to (7D,
5E, 8N).
Unequip the Winged Boots.  Face north and save the game.  Equip the
Hopalong Carrot and invoke its power.  You'll jump over the wall, to
(7D, 6E, 8N).  Re-equip your main weapon and pack away Carrot.  1E.
Kill the Dreampainter and take the Feather, his Ka (soul).  Hold it.
Re-equip the Winged Boots.  Teleport to (9D, 11E, 6N).
Read; 1W and read again.  1N, read, 1W, 1N.  Defeat the Hellhound and take
the Bones (Demonic Chimes).  1N, read, 1N to (9D, 9E, 10N), the Gates of
Hell (no relation to Microsoft's founding father).  Equip the Boots, and
Arabic Diary, Black Candle, and Demonic Chimes outside the box.  Save the
Use the Demonic Chimes (bell), the Arabic Diary (book), and the Black
Candle.  No other order will work (incidentally, this is the same order
used in Ultima IV, and different from Zork I and Nethack).  This will melt
the gates.  Enter and retrieve the Holy Hand Grenade of Aunty Ock,
abbreviated as HHGofAunty Ock\\.  (Try entering without the Ka or the
Boots, and without both, just for fun.)
Place the Holy Hand Grenade of Aunty Ock in the Box and re-equip your
normal equipment.  Cast Malor to teleport 5S.  Follow the instructions
given for the "hideout of the Dreampainter" until you arrive in the
Temple.  Go 16E and Save.  Use Candle (if it disappears, reload and try
again).  Take left door on northern side and keep taking left doors
until there is only a right door.  Take it.  1E, 3N reading messages.  1E.
Up.  A good place to save the game.
Leave this cluster and go 1S to a spinner.  Go 1 spinner south, then two
spinners east.  1 north to (9E, 0N).  1E, 3N, 1E, 2S, 2E, 1N.  Kill Jesse
the Smith.  Go up.  5E, 5N (recharge here), 1E, 2S, 2E, 3N, 3E, 2N, 2E to
port to (5D, 16E, 0N).  1N, 3E, 12N, 1W, 2N, 1E, 4N, 7W and kill D-5
Creature.  1W, 2S, 7W and go up.  Follow Maze of Wandering directions until
you reach the location of the Marbles.  2E, 2N, 1E, 3N, 1E, 1N (ignore), 1E
and go up.
Once you go up, you are committed to the Cosmic Cube, and may not leave
until you have gotten all the way through.  If you don't have the sword
from the Temple of the Dreampainter yet, it's helpful to have (unless you
want to see all three Evil endings easily), but you absolutely need the
Holy Hand Grenade at its end.  (If you don't, you'll have to replay a
good part of the game.)
THE COSMIC CUBE (3, 2, and 1 DOWN)
The Cosmic Cube comprises Levels 3, 2, and 1.  Each floor is divided into
segments.  Each cluster, as I'll call them, has one or more chutes, stairs
up, stairs down, or teleporters to other clusters in the cube.  (Note:
"stairs up" don't always go "up", and "stairs down" don't always go
"down".)  In the following directions, you'll see the cluster number, then
the location of the entrance to the cluster, in terms of down, east, and
north, in that order.)
Whenever you enter a chute or teleporter, or climb stairs, you will restore
defeated guardians to life.
The Company (3 down) has a Diadem of Malor, and a 3-Sided Cloth (Wizard's
Skullcap), the latter of which is a nice piece of equipment.  Joachim's
Jihad (2 down) is tough to defeat; they carry a Silk Cloth (Pennonceaux)
which is required to win the game.  Loktar's Lucky Laddies (1 down) are
not difficult to defeat, and carry the Holy Limp Wrist, which is needed
to reach four of the five possible solutions of the game.  Applet's Angels
(1 down) is by far the toughest random guardian group in the dungeon;
they're carrying the Adept Baldness (which however isn't all that useful
compared to the Wizard's Skullcap).
When you summon from Pentagram 8, get at least 5 Champ Samurai, 3
Brass Dragons, and 4 Fiends.  (Champ Samurai are pretty pathetic
spellcasters in the first two Wizardry games, but they're potent here.)
When summoning from Pentagram 9, get at least 5 Champ Samurai, 5 Fiends,
and 3 Dragon Zombies.  (I didn't find most Pentagram 9 monsters to
be all that useful, though you may find Succubi to be a decent replacement
for Dragon Zombies.)  When summoning from Pentagram 10, get a Demon Lord
and at least 4 Greater Demons.  These are definitely the strongest; there
are many powerful Pentagram 10 monsters for the third group, so feel free
to experiment a little.  If summoning Maelifics (my vote for the best;
they do have the drawback of being vulnerable to dispel effects,
though they're otherwise very powerful), Vampire Lords, Lycurgi, Fleck,
or A Dink (more on this last one later), you can only get one.  If you
get Poison Giants, Iron Golems, Gold Dragons, or Black Dragons, get
You must retrieve the Holy Limp Wrist and the Pennonceaux, both mentioned
above.  You must also get a Blade Cusinart' (unidentified: Sword, so it can
be a pain to pick it out of the pile of looted equipment) which is held by
many stronger Samurai, and there's also one held by a member of Joachim's
Jihad.  If pressed, there is a guaranteed easy-to-identify Blade Cusinart'
later on, but life is much easier if you get it earlier.  You may also want
a Dagger of Speed (held by some Mages), and a Diadem of Malor.
(Note: the cluster numbering is arbitrary, and refers to the maps I made
Be sure to save often, as death can be a common and frustrating experience.
The best time to save is right after climbing stairs or falling through a
CLUSTER 0 (1-15,11):  Go north and read.  (If you do this puzzle wrong
the exit to the Cube will disappear!)  It's not hard to solve, if not by
a little logic (process of elimination will work here), by sheer trial
an error -- you'll know when you've used the right door.  Go through the
middle door (this does not change from game to game, unlike in, say,
Zork Zero) and read. North to a teleporter. A good place to save.
CLUSTER 3 (3-19,15):  West one.  (The instructions here will ignore
these sometimes misleading signs such as the one that appear here.)
2N, then take stairs.
CLUSTER 1 (1-19,19):  4W, 2S into a chute.  (The stairs you see here are
the real exit from the Cube, but they are inaccessible for now.)
CLUSTER 4 (2-12,19):  5S, 2W, 4N, 3W, 1N, 4E, 4S, to ...
CLUSTER 5 (1-2,17):  2S, 2W, 1S, 1E.  (This pentagram will only let you
summon extremely weak allies, but it gives you 100 hit points max.  Take
A Dink, Fuzzballs, and Creeping Coins.  The Dink and the Fuzzballs are
not affected by magic, which enhances your chance of holding up until
you can get some real help.)  1W, 1N, 2E, 2S, 1E, and 1S into a chute.
CLUSTER 6 (3-14,8):  3N, 2E, 2N to Pentagram 8, then 2W into a chute.
CLUSTER 9 (2-0,9):  10N, 4E, 1S, 3W to teleport to (2D, 3E, 2N), still in
Cluster 9.  2N, 1E (teleporters line the eastern wall, beware), 1N, 1E, 1N,
2E, 2N, 1E, 1N to Pentagram 9.  Go 2E, then take the stairs up.
CLUSTER 10 (2-5,19):  1E, 3S into a chute.
CLUSTER 11 (1-9,19):  1E, 1S, 1E, 1N, 1E, 1S, 1E, 1N, 1E, 2S, 1W, 1S, 1E,
1S, 1W, 1S, 1W, 1S, 1W, 1N, 1W, 1S, 1W, 2N, 1E, 2N, 1E, 1S, 1E, 1S, 1W
into a chute.
CLUSTER 12 (3-13,11):  Go 1W into a chute.
CLUSTER 13 (2-14,9):  1S into the chute.
CLUSTER 14 (1-13,9):  This 2X3 room has spinners, but aim: 2S, 1W, then
take the stairs.
CLUSTER 15 (1-16,10):  1E, 1S, 1W, 1S, 1E, 1S to a sign.  1W, 2S, 1W, 2S,
2E, 2S, 1W into a chute.
CLUSTER 17 (2-3,7):  2E into a chute.
CLUSTER 18 (2-3,11):  This large room has pits that will strike for
minimal damage.  You can use the Winged Boots to fly over them; be
sure to restore your saved game if they explode.  3N. Buy the Cleansing
Oil (need 50,000 GP, which shouldn't be a problem)  3E, 1S. Recharge at
this pentagram.  5E, 5S, 1W and take the stairs.
CLUSTER 20 (3-10,9):  5N, 3W.  Save the game.  1W; if a group appears,
kill it.  1W.  Recharge, then go 1N, 3W, 2S, 1E (if a group appears, kill
it), 1W, 2N, 3E, 1S.  Recharge if necessary.  1N, 1W, 2N, then 3E through
an invisible door.  1E to port to (2E, 17N).  1W, then 1S to port to (8E,
11N).  1N, then 1 east to port to (12E, 16N).  1E, 1N, 1W, 1N, 2E, 1N and
leave the stairs alone.  1E, 1S, 1E, 1N, 1E.  Summon A Dink, Fuzzballs,
and Creeping Coins.  1S, 1E, 1N, 1E (ignore), 1S (ignore), 1S again then
take the stairs.
CLUSTER 21 (1-16,3):  Here's Pentagram 10.  After summoning head 1S into
the darkness, then go 3W.  Buy the 'you know what.'  It's the St. Trebor
Rump.  Invoke it (this will remove the threat of Trebor's apparition).
Save it in the Box.  1S, 4W, 1S, 2W, 2N, then 1E into a chute.
CLUSTER 22 (2-16,19):  Invoke the Black Candle.  If it disappears, reload
and try again.  1E, 16S, 1E, 1S, then take the stairs.
CLUSTER 19 (1-0,7):  By now your Greater Demons should have
'reproduced' into a group of nine (very useful).  Save the game.  1N,
1E, 1N, 1E, 1N, 1E, 1N to a sign.  1E, 1S, 3E to another sign.  Ignore
the pentagram at (5E, 11N, 1D).  1N, 1E, 1S, 1E, 1S, and take the
stairs.  (There is a useful pentagram to the west of the stairs if you
need it.)
CLUSTER 24 (3-11,5):  Save the game.  1W, 3N, 6W, 8S to a sign.  9E, 3N,
1W, 1N, 3W, 3N, 4W, 6S, 7E, 1N, 1W, 1N, 3W, 3N, 2W, 4S, 4E into a
CLUSTER 25 (1-3,0):  Save the game.  1E, 1N, 1E, 1N, 1E, 1N, 1E, 1N, 1E,
1N.  Take the stairs.
CLUSTER 26 (3-3,8):  1W.  Save the game.  If you are really desperate,
there is an Eighth Pentagram at (2E, 7N, 3D), but you shouldn't use it
if you still have 3 groups and a decent number of spell points.  2W, 1S,
1E, 1S, 1E, 1S, 1E, 1S, 1W, 1S, 1W, 1N, 1W, 4S, 1E, 2N into a
CLUSTER 27 (2-12,7):  Save the game.  Nothing here but thousands of
spinners.  You start in a little cove dug towards the east.  Use the
walls, not the Dumapic spell, to guide you.  3W, 5S, 1W into a
teleporter.  Dumapic and check to make sure you're at...
CLUSTER 28 (1-18,14): (If you aren't here, you've entered another
portal adjacent to the proper one.  Try again.)  1N to a sign.  (If
you take the stairs to the right you'll be whisked back to the entrance to
the Cosmic Cube!)  2W, 1S and reload on a Demon Lord, Greater Demons,
and your favorite third group (above).  1N.  Save the game!  (Be sure
you have 6 Greater Demons.)  1W to the sign announcing the exit.  Camp.
Remove the Holy Hand Grenade of Aunty Ock and the Cleansing Oil from the
Black Box.  Equip both these objects.  (The HHG will temporarily replace
your Sword.)  Don't invoke either yet.  Dumapic to make sure you're at
(15E, 15N, 1D).  Invoke the Holy Hand Grenade, but not the Cleansing Oil
in the same equipping process.  Now invoke the Cleansing Oil.  (It will
also remove other cursed items for you.)  Return to your previous
equipment set.  (your Sword, Good Hope Cape, Saint Rimbo Digit, Wizard's
Skullcap, Oxygen Mask, Black Box.)  Box the Oil.  Drop the Holy Hand
Grenade.  Quickly (and I mean quickly) leave camp and go 3E, 1S.  You
don't need to do this so fast in the Archives version, but in the
original, this part is done in real time.  You should still get away
from the explosion regardless.  (There is no danger involved in
counting to a wrong number, incidentally.)  After the bang, go 1N, 3W,
1N through the hole in the wall.  Take the stairs and leave the prison.
(If you only want to do the Evil endings, you can skip all the quests where
you gather objects for Trebor's orders, like this one.  You will have to
fight some extra combats, however.)
Now you can teleport to anywhere in the prison, and also to 0 east 0
north 0 down (where you are right now).  Read your Victory Message.
(The stairs to the east will return you to the stairs that took you
out of the dungeon.)  Malor to 5E, 14N, 4D.  (Need: Cleansing Oil,
Aromatic Ball, Blade Cusinart, Magician's Hat, Golden Pyrite, Witching
Rod.)  You don't need to take them out of the Box.  Say 'yes' and
retrieve the Dab of Puce (a renowned pigment famed with good
painters).  Place it in...well, you know where.  Now, if you haven't
retrieved the Holy Limp Wrist and the Pennonceaux, do so now. Return to 0
east 0 north 0 down and save beforhand if you do so.
If, ever, your party becomes exhausted, you can teleport to a Tenth
Pentagram at 16 east 14 north 1 down, but you probably won't be able
to port back inside the Castle, so be careful.
Starting at 0 east, 0 north, 0 down, go 9 east (passing the stairs)
and 1 north.  The password is 'TREBOR SUX'.  (There is a clue to this in
the Oracle's pronouncements, but even with that you need to be intimately
familiar with the original Wizardry to get this one on your own.)  1 north.
5 west. Save the game.
[For fun, from this spot: 1 north, 2 east, 4 north, 2 east, 4 south, 2
east and kill, 2 north and kill, 2 north and kill.  These are all
easy, and are excellent places to generate extra Greater Demons.  2
east, 4 south, 1 east and read, 1 north.  You can try, but you won't
be able to get it!]
Go 6 north,  2 west, 7 north, and take the stairs up.
[This begins at 3 east 15 north -1 down.]
1 north.  Go up.  1 north.  Destroy!  1 south.  Go back down.  1 north
and annihilate.  7 east (don't stray off this path or you will have to
start over).  Bash in the Herald, and then pick off his friends.  6
east and relieve this Sentry of his life.  2 south.  Go up.  1 north.
Kill the Innkeyper and take the Key, and Box it.  1 south.  1 down.
(Make sure you have at least about 50 hit points.)  1 west and fall to
15 east 16 north 0 down.
Head 1 south, 2 east,  5 south.  Go west, unlocking the door with your
Inn Key.  1 north and look and read.  1 north and defeat the Walking
Wounded.   1 north into the rooms.  2 west.  1 south.  Go up.
Go 1 north and get the Orb of Dreams from Tygger's Cubs (you must have
the Pennonceaux).  Go 2 south and get the Arrow of Truth from the
Order of the Laurel (you must have the Dab of Puce).  Go 1 north, 1
east, and 1 north and get the Maintenance Cap (you must have one of the
Swords from the Temple of the Dreampainter -- if you have been holding off
on getting one to see all three Evil endings, you can't delay any longer).
Go 1 south, 1 west, 1 down, 1 north, 2 east, 1 south, bash in the Walking
Wounded again, 2 south, 1 east, 5 north, 12 west, 1 north to 5 east 15
north 0 down.  Save the game.  Camp and equip the Cap.  Go north and enter
the pool.  You will become of Good Alignment.  (The other fountain on the
level will switch you back to Evil Alignment if you are so inclined.)  2
south.  Camp and re-equip Wizard's Skullcap.  Box the Cap.  12 east.  5
south.  1 west. 3 north.  2 west.  1 south.  Go up.  1 east.  1 south.  Get
the Crystal Rose (the Order of the Rose will talk only because of your Good
Alignment and your release of your curse on Trebor).  Invoke and Box
the Rose.  1 north, 1 west, 1 down, 1 north, 2 east, 1 south, cream
the Wounded, 2 south, 1 east.  Save the game.
(If you do not want to play the Good alignment ending, you can just fight
your way through the Citadel and not bother with negotiations.  You also
don't have to encounter the Dukes, though I thought it was satisfying
turning them down and battling them myself.)
If you don't have 1,000,000 GP (which you only need for the Good alignment
ending), do the following: Malor to 0 east 19 north 1 down.  Repeat this: 3
east, 3 west, fighting all the battles, until you have 1,000,000 GP.  Malor
to 16 east 14 north 1 down and recharge again.  1 north, 1 west, 1 north.
Go up.  9 east, 1 north, and say 'TREBOR SUX' again.  1 north, 6 east, 3
north, 2 east, 4 north.
5 north, 10 west, 1 north, read, 1 east, 1 north.  Save the game.  1
east.  Say yes and take and box Rallying Horn.  1 south, 1 up, 1
north, 1 east.  Say yes and take and box the Signet Ring.  1 south, 1
up, 1 north, 1 east, 1 north (this last move will take you through a
seemingly solid wall).  Say 'MYTHRIL GAUNTLETS' (you did read the manual, I
hope) and take the Mythril Glove.  1 south.  Save the game.
The rest of this text discusses the Evil Alignment Endings and the
Grandmaster Ending.
Box the Mythril Glove.  Throw away the Maintenance Cap, the Arrow of
Truth, the Orb of Dreams, the Crystal Rose, the Rallying Horn, and the
Signet Ring.  1 south and kill the High Dukes of the Realm.  1 north,
1 west, 1 south, go down, 1 north.  Defeat the Baron's Council.  (You
should use the Ka in combat to ensure survival.)  1 west, 1 south, go
down, 1 north.  Defeat the Captain's Council.  If you lost the Ka,
Malor to (7E, 8N, 7D) to get it again.  Malor to (16E, 14N, 1D).  Summon
a Demon Lord, Greater Demons, and A Dink from the first pentagram!  (How
are you supposed to know this?  Well, if you look at maps at the top
four prison levels, you will notice the letters spelling "DINK"
prominently on the maps.  As far as I know, there is no way of knowing
just *where* this knowledge is useful, save experimentation.  The Dink is
useless in normal combat, but at least it's immune to magic, so it's not
completely defenseless either.)  1 north and save.  1 west, 1 north, 1
up, 9 east, 1 north, 'TREBOR SUX', 1 north, 6 east, 3 north, 2 east, 4
north to 17 east 9 north 0 down.  1 west into the Inn.  2 north and kill
Wounded yet another time.  1 north, 3 west, 3 south.  Avoid using
Tiltowait in killing this group of Chivalry.  (If your Dink gets caught,
try again.)  1 west and press B. 1 west, read.  2 north.  1 west.  1
north.  2 west.  2 south.  Save the game.  South and say yes.  Kill the
five Softalk All-Stars.  (It's very hard and will probably take several
tries; use the Ka to heal yourself in the midst of the spells.  Sezmar
and Tuck cast Tiltowait, and Tuck and Sarah cast Malikto.  The other two
are harmless if you have the Mask.  Your accompanying demons and
several Tiltowait spells will eventually wear them down if you can
survive the first two or three rounds.  I've never lost my Dink in this
battle, but reload if you do.)  If you win, you can pick up some neat
loot, including a guaranteed Blade Cusinart' if you still haven't found
one yet (though this is not the easiest place to get one!)  1 west and
press C, up to level -2 down.  Save here.
Use the Ka to heal, if you still have it.  If you don't, wander around
until you are fully healed, if you have a Ring of Healing or the
Dragon's Claw, or use the Cape of Hide or healing potions.  (Enter the door
to the west to do your wandering.)
If you want to solve the Grandmaster Ending, go two east, over a pit.
Then go: 4 north.  2 east.  4 south.  Reach into the black hole and
take the Nyin (the Void Transducer).  Make sure you have at least 80
hit points, then go one south.  (You will crash down to the ground
level of the castle and lose 79 hit points.  It's the easiest way down.)
Teleport to 16 east 14 north 1 down.  Reload on the best, though it's not
absolutely necessary now, as there is no combat on the Grandmaster level.
Then Malor to 10 east 9 north 10 down (where you started).  (How are you
supposed to figure this out?  Well, the Oracle tells you where to do it
from.  A dictionary might help with a couple of his pronouncements.)  Equip
the Void Transducer and Malor 1 down, to Level 11 Down.  Now refer to the
section after the Evil Alignment section.
If you want to solve the Evil Alignment Endings, go west one and enter
the Temple of Radiant Cant.
Go 2 north and 1 west.  Defeat the Temple Priests, but make sure you
have at least 50 hit points before attempting to fight.  It's OK if
you use all your remaining strength in this battle.  Go west through
the door and save the game.
Go north one and encounter Lord Hawkwind, the Temple Guardian who is
the greatest member of the All-Stars you met earlier.  You and your
Demons, and also any Dragons, Vampires, Archmages, etc., cannot harm
him.  If you attempt to slay him without a Dink, you won't be
able to, although Hawkwind's battle commands ('brush teeth', 'file
nails', 'fall asleep', and 'order sushi', to name a few) are very
amusing.  Eventually, he'll get around to sacrificing you to
Kadorto.  With a Dink, however, you can win.  Go north to Lord Hawkwind
and parry each round.  Each round, your Dink has about a 20% chance of
hitting Lord Hawkwind and inflicting 1313 damage (Hawkwind has *only*
1000 hit points).  It seems the most powerful foe in the game is
vulnerable to only the weakest enemy.  (This the only place in the game
where a Dink is remotely useful, so far as I know.)  Equip your Sword
and the Mythril Glove, and be sure you have the Holy Limp Wrist.
There is no combat on this level, nor is there any complicated mapping
involved.  Just puzzles.
The first answer is "FOOT".  Go 4 north through two doors.  The second
answer is "STOMACH".  Go 1 north.  4 west through a door.  1 north.  4
west through a door.  The third answer is "LEGS".  1 north.  16 east
down a long corridor.  The fourth answer is "HIPS".  1 north.  3 west.
1 north.  3 west through a door.  The fifth answer is "CHEST".  1
north.  7 west through a door.  The sixth answer is "RIGHT HAND".  1
north.  16 east down a long corridor.  The seventh answer is "LEFT
HAND".  With the Void Transducer equipped, go north one and answer
yes.  You'll be teleported to 1 east 14 north 11 down.  1 east.  1
north.  The eighth answer is "RIGHT CHEEK".  16 east down a long
corridor.  The ninth answer is "LEFT CHEEK".  2 north through a door.
3 west.  2 north.  4 west.  The tenth answer is "BRAIN".  Head 1 west.
1 south.  This one is not quite so easy, but the answer is "TREE OF
LIFE."  (You get a hint for solving this one by using the Orb of Dreams
you got from Trebor's orders.)  Head south, until you reach the last being,
from whom you get the final object, the Kris of Truth.  Teleport back up to
the Castle (you may want to visit the Pentagram on 1 Down first).
Follow the instructions for the Evil Alignment Ending straight to
Lord Hawkwind.  After defeating him with a Dink, go in the inner
You've finished the most difficult CRPG!  Theoretically, I shouldn't help
people with this ending (like the ending text says), but this guide only
became public many years after the game came out, so I think I'm safe (no
one from Sir-Tech ever complained, anyway).