Fineous' Revenge Scenario

Walkthrough by Snafaru

Wizardry Fineous' Revenge Walkthrough

By: Snafaru

e-mail: snafaru@zimlab.com

web site: http://www.zimlab.com/wizardry/

Created: 2017/02/25.

Section 1: Background
Section 2: How to start the game
Section 3: Before you go into the maze
Section 4: Walkthrough

Section 1: Background

Fineous' Revenge was created as a mockery of Wizardry and their authors. It also contains other derisions of stuff happening then in that era.

Section 2: How to start the game

1) Download the game disks using a web browser from:

2) The 2 images you are looking for are:
     WIZ_FINEOUS_REVENGE_S1(bootWrtProt).dsk <--- Boot this disk, make sure you make this file read-only or the game won't start!
     WIZ_FINEOUS_REVENGE_S2.dsk <--- Insert this when the game asks for the scenario master and/or duplicate.

3) You must also download a game editor or cheat program, I recommend WizPlus which you can get here:

4) Download an Apple II emulator, I recommend AppleWin from:
     https://github.com/AppleWin/AppleWin <--- The download link to the latest version is near the bottom of the page.

Section 3: Before you go into the maze

The Fineous' Revenge monsters are much stronger than the usual Wizardry scenario.

Therefore you must use a cheat program to boost your characters to at least level 13 to 15.

Start the scenario and quickly create your characters in the Training Grounds.

Then start a cheat program and make your dream team. Modify all the classes, races, stats, and alignments as you see fit and give each character 1,000,000 experience points and gold.

Then go back into the game's Adventurer's Inn and level up your characters.

Then go to Boltac's Trading Post to buy some equipment.

Then go into the maze and see how far you can go before having to cheat some more.

Section 4: Walkthrough

The Fineous' Revenge scenario has all the same maze maps as the Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord scenario except for a few walls and doors.

All key items and text messages are happening in the same places as Proving Grounds but have been quite modified.

* * * S P O I L E R   A L E R T * * *
* * * S P O I L E R   A L E R T * * *
* * * S P O I L E R   A L E R T * * *

Following are the game text and locations, stop here if you want to get the surprises and fun in game by yourself.

* * * S P O I L E R   A L E R T * * *
* * * S P O I L E R   A L E R T * * *
* * * S P O I L E R   A L E R T * * *


9E, 12N, 1D
Fineous Fingers says:
Call the Pirate's Chest (617)-891-1349
and the Pirate's Cove (516) 698-4008!

9E, 19N, 1D
You see a man in leather leaning over
Apple II+. On the screen it says:
AB -> DISK 1 PASS #5
He turns and shouts: Get outta here!
I'm using Disk-Fer!!
He waves his hands and a large puff of
orange smoke envelops the party and
*** FLASH! ***
-> teleport to castle

13E, 18N, 1D
In this room is a silver statue of a
boar with horns and long fangs. On
the wall by the statue is a message
(partially obscured) that appears to
have been left by passing elves. It
is hardly legible, but some comments
warning about demons and bad software
still be made out.
Search (Y/N) ? Get -> Silver Key

13E, 3N, 1D
A statue of Fineous Fingers is here.
Some runes beside a platform reads:
"Step on platform to be transported to
sanctuary (201) 891-9567***** visit t
(It's free!)
Search (Y/N) ? Get -> Bronze key

13E, 5N, 1D
A Large, imposing statue of a golem
stands before you. A voice booms out
"I think you guys wont make it down
here to where I, Fineous Fingers, am
waiting. However, here is a present
to help you die..Er, arrive sooner.."
Grafitti* Reads: CAll Pirate's Chest *
Search (Y/N) ? Encounter -> Nasty Smurfs

12E, 4N, 2D
Upon a small silvery disk rests a
a frog trying to* cross a river on a
log. (C) Sierra On-Line
The frog turns to the party and says:
Boy, doesn't Frogger suck? They should
put me in a good game, like Wizardry!
With that, he hops away....(sic)
Search (Y/N) ? Get -> Statuette/Frog

9E, 18N, 2D
There is a statuette of a bear on
a small pedestal. Behind it is a sign
reading, "I've to a million of 'em"
Search (Y/N) ? Get -> Statuette/Bear

4E, 16N, 2D
A statue of Fineous Fingers is here.
Some runes beside a platform reads:
"Step on platform to be transported to
sanctuary (201) 891-9567***** visit t
(It's free!)
Search (Y/N) ? Get -> Gold key

10E, 2N, 4D
A bald fat guy appears before you...
he demands $15/MO to access 'Timecor'
However, you dispel red rebel quickly.

10E, 1N, 4D
After a time, the party realizes that
T-I-M-E-C-O-R is too nauseating to pay
red rebel *and* ma bell for...They
crawl out the door they tried to enter

10E, 14N, 4D
A sign on the door reads:
* T H E P I R A T E ' S *B A Y *
This area is off-limits to all but
pirates...(415) 775-2384 call now!

10E, 15N, 4D
Suddenly, a loud penetrating clanging
of bells can be heard. There is a
sudden silence as the bells stop,
followed by the clanking and tromping
of large beings. The party gets the
idea that Andrew Greenberg is hungry!

8e, 15N, 4D
A sign on the door reads:
Insane asylum (213) 276-0805 -=* !

12E, 15N, 4D
A sign on the door reads:
Andrew Greenberg's refrigerator!

11E, 11N, 4D
In this 10 by 10 room, you
note a large semi-circular desk.
Upon it are the remains of what
might have been a set of thieves tools
amulets of summoning and other
artifacts of control and knowledge.
Unfortunately, they all seem to have
been destroyed beyond repair. As the
party entered the room, a sliding
panel on the left wall slammed shut.
Shortly after, it glowed a pale blue.
No member of the party was able to
pry it open.
Then, the door on the opposite
side of the room begins to glow a
bright orange, seeming to beckon to
the party to come. As the party turns
about, they notice the door which they
had used has disappeared.

11E, 10N, 4D
As the party enters the room, the
door slams shut, glows bright orange,
and disappears. A door appears to the
right. A voice, coming from no
apparent direction can be heard. It
says: "Congratulations, my loyal and
worthy subjects. Today you have
served me well and truly proven
yourself worthy of the quest you are
now to undertake.
Several years ago, a program was
written by a company called SirTech
Software, called "Wizardry: The
Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord"
It was a great game, but the sequels
sucked. Now through the virtue of
myself, the master thief and pirate
Fineous Fingers, you may play scenario
which I created through the official
Sir-Tech Wizardry Scenario *Creator*!
This scenario, filled with my wit and
humor, is much tougher than Wizardry
Proving Grounds or KOD. Have lotsa
fun with this program and watch for
more scenarios (and maybe the editor
itself!) Now, a gift....
Get -> MCI Code Scroll (this lets you take the elevators down to level 9)

E1, N1, 10D
Inscribed on an ornate gold plaque is
a message. The script is ornate, and
blinks in various bright hues:
Be in known that ye are trespassing on
the property of master thief Fineous
Fingers. There is no possible way ye
can defeat my guards, let alone
defeat me! Incidently, if you defeat
me, this scenario will crash! Hahaha!
A sign on the wall reads Frobozz Magic
Teleporter Company--Hello, adventurer!
PS Sir-Tech, you suck! --FF

3E, 14N, 10D
One group of thugs ye have beaten but
I've edited my character to be amazing
so prepare to die, pirate!

17E, 4N, 10D
Thieves' Den: Thieves' Guild (c)
The master thief is * IN * (Heh heh)

- END -