Wizardry - Black Stone

Walkthrough by Steve Evans

Hints for the Black Stone Wizardry scenario

Reading this document may seriously affect your enjoyment of the game.
Only read these hints if you are really stuck.

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Level 1 - The Start

Q1: I keep getting teleported back to the message that says "Don't Give Up",
what am I doing wrong?
A1: Next time you get the message follow the directions given by the 2nd old
man you met.

Q2: Where do I get the key to the locked door?
A2: Follow the clue from the sage you met near the entrance to the maze.
(Watch out for the Minotaur!)

Q3: What's with these tapestries? What do they mean?
A3: You'll find out later. For the moment, just record what you see on them.

Level 2 - The Caverns

Q1: I go down to the 2nd level in the elevator and there's nothing much there.
What gives?
A1: Find another way. Use the stairs.

Q2: Why can't I get through the hole in the cavern floor?
A2: Find something to help you climb down.

Q3: I can't find anything to get me down the hole.
A3: Search the dark areas carefully.

Q4: Where is the tapestry on the 2nd level?
A4: In the North-East on the North wall. (Beware of the pits!)

Level 3a - The Basilisk's Lair

Q1: I can't get past the locked door near the elevator. What do I do?
A1: That comes later. The way to enter the 3rd level for now is from the
cavern on the 2nd level not via the elevator.

Q2: Is there an end to this maze of disappearing doors?
A2: Yes.

Q3: What are all these statues doing here?
A3: You'll soon be meeting the creature that made them. (Be prepared!)

Q4: OK, I've killed the Basilisk and got key #3. Now what?
A4: The key will get you into the rest of the 3rd level (via the elevator).

Level 3b - The Temple of Death

Q1: HELP!!! I'm stuck in a temple full of necromancers and there doesn't seem
to be a way out.
A1: There are actually two parts to the temple that are virtually identical.
If you entered a small room in the middle of the dark area then you have been
teleported to the wrong part. You'll know you are in the wrong one if you find
yourself face-to-face with The Reaper after clearing out all the necromancers.
The way back to the right temple is to the east of the dark area. Don't walk
back into the small room when you get back to the original area!

Q2: Is there a tapestry on the 3rd level?
A2: Yes. It is along the West wall in the necromancers' temple.

Q3: I've got key #4. What next?
A3: This will get you into the main part of the 4th level which is accessed
from the elevator.

Level 4 - The Ice Caves

Q1: I've looked everywhere but I can't find any way of getting past the caves
and those passages that never end. How do I get to the rest of the level?
A1: Search every square, particularly those near the elevator.

Q2: How do I get into the passage that's blocked by a wall of ice?
A2: Don't worry about it for now. That comes later.

Q3: Where is the tapestry on Level 4?
A3: In the extreme North West corner.

Q4: I can't work out how to get through the large cavern. I keep getting spun
around. What do I do?
A4: Keep to the walls.

Q5: Ok, I've got key #5. Now what?
A5: Enter Level 5 using the elevator.

Level 5a - The Lava Pits

Q1: I've finished off the Hydra and have the Ice Pick. What do I do with it?
A1: Remember that passage on Level 4 that was blocked by ice? (Note: the Ice
Pick also makes a pretty mean weapon).

Level 5b - Xarathel's Domain

Q1: When I met the sage near the Lava Pits he said his brother would give me
the rest of the clues needed to complete the quest, but whenever I approach the
brother he screams "Arrghh, Mud!!" and runs away. What am I doing wrong?
A1: Nothing. It's a red herring. You'll have to find the solution by yourself.

Q2: Where is the key to the locked door?
A2: You'll need to find Xarathel, the guardian of key #6.

Q3: I've searched the whole level but can't find Xarathel. Where is he/she/it?
A3: Xarathel's domain occupies the south west quarter of the level. In the
centre of this area (inside the dark region) is a small room protected by secret
doors. Xarathel is in that room. (But beware!! Xarathel is one of Llorgarth's
chief minions and he is TOUGH. He also has lots of nasty friends)

Q4: Where is the tapestry on level 5?
A4: It's at the end of a passage in the North-East region of the level,
against the East wall.

Q5: I'm still stuck in the alimentary canal of the Krakken Beast. How do I get
A5: I've got no idea. I don't even know how you got in there. But you're
obviously not playing the "Black Stone" Wizardry scenario.

Level 6 - The Catacombs

Q1: I've killed the Nameless One and now have the "Yellow Stone". What gives,
I thought this scenario was called "Black Stone"?
A1: As well as the "Black Stone", there are three lesser power stones (Yellow,
Blue and Red). You won't be able to solve the game until you have found all of
them, in the order given above.

Q2: I'm in a small room with stairs leading down but I haven't finished the
6th level yet. What should I do?
A2: You have no option but to take the stairs. But you won't be able to solve
the game without the two power stones on level 6. Once you get to the 7th
level you are right next to some stairs leading back to the surface. Take

Q3: I'm stuck in a hook shaped corridor and there is no way out. What do I do?
A3: Walk the entire length of the corridor and then walk all the way back
again. Notice anything? The corridor is one step shorter. Keep going back and
forth along the passage way until it is only 2 squares long. You will then find
a door leading to Lord Thumorak's mauseleum.

Q4: Where is the tapestry on this level?
A4: In Lord Thumorak's mauseleum.

Q5: I can't get into the tomb, there's a wall of yellow light blocking my
path. What do I do?
A5: You'll have to fight the Nameless One and get the Yellow Stone first.

Q5: I've beaten Thumorak and have the Blue stone (and the scars to prove it).
What now?
A5: Take the stairs down to the 7th level.

Level 7 - Morkandyl's Blade

Q1: My spells have stopped working. What happened?
A1: There is a "no magic" zone in the area in the South-West of the level.
Avoid the few rooms there in future (you don't need anything from this region).

Q2: Is there a tapestry on this level?
A2: No. There are only 6 tapestries.

Q3: I've fallen down a chute to the 8th level!! What now?
A3: You won't be able to kill Llorgarth without Morkandyl's Blade. If you
don't have this weapon then return to the surface and go back down to the 7th

Q4: I've found a couple of places where there's a wall of blue light in my
way. What do I need?
A4: The "Blue Stone". Go back to Level 6. See above.

Q5: Now there's a wall of red light stopping me going any further. Where is
the "Red Stone"?
A5: The Demonlord Seisoig has it. His lair is near the South-East corner of
the level. Seisog is Llorgarth's chief servant, so don't expect this encounter
to be easy.

Q6: Help!!! I've been teleported into a huge dark area. The only way out seems
to be a teleport back to the surface. Am I missing something?
A6: Yes. This is where the tapestries come in. Follow the advice of Morkandyl's

Q7: Where is the squire?
A7: Beyond the shimmering red walls.

Q8: I still don't get it. What does the squire mean by "Your guidance must
come from the great tapestries"?
A8: When you enter the dark area, start with the level 1 tapestry and use each
in turn to help you step out the path through the darkness. The number of
objects in the tapestry gives you the number of steps to take. The wall it was
hanging on gives you the direction. (Careful, because one wrong step will send
you back to where you entered the dark area - or out of the maze altogether.)

Q9: I've got Morkandyl's Blade! What next?.
A9: Just keep walking, you'll be down on the 8th level ready to take on
Llorgarth before you know it. ;-)

Level 8 - The Black Stone!

Q1: Ok. I've come down the chute and am at the top of the long staircase, but
I'm not ready to meet Llorgarth. How do I get out?
A1: Follow the passage until you get to an intersection. Go straight ahead and
through the door ahead of you. You are now in a room with 3 more doors. Take
either the East or West door and you'll be back at the castle.

Q2: I can't find my way out of the North-West region of the level. What gives?
A2: In the North of the area is a small room (1x1) with two larger (1x2) rooms
to the East and West of it. There is a secret door in the East wall of the
Eastern room.

Q3: Right. Now I'm in a 2x2 room, but it's another deadend. Am I missing
A3: Yes. The secret door in the South wall.

Q4: I get asked "What is your favourite colour?", but when I answer I get
kicked out of the room. Why? I know what my favourite colour is.
A4: Remember this is Llorgarth's hideout, not yours. Perhaps you should
pretend you're Llorgarth when you answer this question.

Q5: Ok. I now have a choice of 4 doors. Which one has the beautiful maiden
behind it?
A5: None of them. The door to the West will take you back to the surface. The
others will all take you to unpleasantness and grief. However, the door that
takes you towards Llorgarth is the Northern one.

Q6: Where do the South and East doors lead?
A6: They will take you to portions of the maze where you'll have lots of
adventures, before ultimately following a dangerous passage that leads to a
room that looks just like Llorgarth's hideout (but isn't).

Q7: The walls are following me! Which way do I go?
A7: Head North or West. You need to make your way to the room in the North
West corner.

Q8: Is it possible to get down the long passage without being impaled?
A8: Yes. There is a path.

Q9: I've been beaten-up, impaled and generally humiliated and now my way is
blocked by a shimmering wall of white light? Do I need a "White Stone"?
A9: No. You need Morkandyl's Blade from Level 7. See above.

Q10: There is "an almost palpable wall of hate emanating from somewhere
nearby". Is this Llorgarth?
A10: Sure is. One way or another your quest is about to end. Good luck!!!

Steve Evans 10/5/99