Atomic Wasteland 2098 Scenario

Walkthrough by Snafaru

Wizardry Atomic Wasteland 2098 Scenario Walkthrough

By: Snafaru

e-mail: snafaru@zimlab.com

web site: http://www.zimlab.com/wizardry/

Created: 2017/02/25.

Section 1: Background
Section 2: How to start the game
Section 3: Walkthrough

Section 1: Background

Atomic Wasteland 2098 is an alternate Wizardry scenario to the Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord.

Atomic Wasteland 2098 was made by Dan Gartung & Ken Stark.

Section 2: How to start the game

Download the game disks using a web browser from either:

     a) http://www.zimlab.com/wizardry/mods/atomic.htm


     b) ftp://ftp.apple.asimov.net/pub/apple_II/images/games/rpg/wizardry/atomic_wasteland/

Making a workable scenario could be quite challenging as
you have to have all the right disks with the right
versions in the right order. Even if you follow the
instructions, this could be a daunting task.

Therefore I've made that step for you so that you are good
to go without frustrations and wasting a lot of time.

- First, ensure the following files are read-only:

- Second, start the game:
  1) Boot with the Wizardry-Atomic-Wasteland-2098-Boot.dsk
  2) Choose options 'S' to start the game.
  3) Insert the
     Wizardry-Atomic-Wasteland-2098-Scenario-Master.dsk disk
     and press Return (Enter).
  4) Insert the
     Wizardry-Atomic-Wasteland-2098-Scenario-Duplicate.dsk disk
     and press Return (Enter).

- Third, documentation:
  The AtomicWasteland2098.dsk program disk used to create
  the scenario contains a document with a back story that is
  not easily accessible. You'll find a copy of what that
  document contains in the
  Wizardry-Atomic-Wasteland-2098-Docs.txt file.

- Fourth, Atomic Wasteland 2098 program disk:
  Even if the scenario has been created already as per
  above, please do boot the AtomicWasteland2098.dsk disk to
  see the artwork and credits.

Section 3: Walkthrough

Atomic Wasteland 2098 has a completely new maze. You can find the maps here: http://www.zimlab.com/wizardry/maps/maps.htm

* * * S P O I L E R   A L E R T * * *
* * * S P O I L E R   A L E R T * * *
* * * S P O I L E R   A L E R T * * *

Following are the game text, locations, and riddles, stop here if you want to get the surprises and fun in game by yourself.

* * * S P O I L E R   A L E R T * * *
* * * S P O I L E R   A L E R T * * *
* * * S P O I L E R   A L E R T * * *


13E, 15N, 1D
You are falling most rapidly. Rocky
death awaits you on the street below.

8E, 3N, 1D
20 feet ahead and 10 feet to the left
is the blurry outline of man dressed
in white uniform, with brass bars on
each shoulder. Around his waist is
a thick belt that scabbards something
like a handgun. He beckons to you. He
Looks ready for battle.

6E, 2N, 1D
Encounter 1 SRIKS GHOST

5E, 2N, 1D
Before you lies a rotting skeleton
with tatters of clothing sticking to
the brittle bones... You feel sick.
Search (Y/N) ? Found: ? Badge -> Srik Badge

2E, 7N, 1D
Two red lights flash above the door.
Between them is a very official sign:
"Entrance to shuttle port
Restricted area! Stay out!"

2E, 8N, 1D
Encounter: 1 R.Shuttle Guard
           1 Phaser Cannon
Note: This is a good encounter to get items.

2E, 9N, 1D
You are standing on the crumbling
remains of the outter wall of this
building. Far below can be seen very
hard looking streets! Don't slip!

15E, 1N, 2D
A limping policerobot says: "Desist!"

16E, 11N, 2D
A limping policerobot says: "Desist!"

16E, 9N, 2D
A limping policerobot says: "Desist!"

17E, 7N, 2D
A limping policerobot says: "Desist!"

16E, 6N, 2D
You see through an open window to the
south a three story drop to a deserted
courtyard. You see a large shape down

16E, 5N, 2D
As you climb out of the window into
midair, bells ring, lights flash, and
more importantly, metal pincers grab
you back from your death.
(need Nylon Parachute)

16E, 4N, 2D
Parachuted to 16E, 3N, 3D

16E, 3N, 3D
As you're falling, your bulky package
suddenly opens - A parachute ! Lucky!

3E, 12N, 3D
You see a note on the ledge:
"The AW#001 experiment went crazy -
only I am left in the city, and I am
to blame. I saw it all - it was as if
nature finally rebelled and unleashed
the four elements against us to punish
mankind...I can't stand the guilt.
I leave this to anyone who dares try
to fix this mess, you will have to
fight natures four elements, for they
have gone wild. God save us.
I jump to my salvation"

4E, 8N, 3D
Note: Damage to 1 character

16E, 19N, 3D
As you enter, you note a sigh on the
left wall: "Air-Corp. Reserves"
Search (Y/N) ? -> ? Fluffy Pillow -> Nylon Parachute

11E, 12N, 3D
Chute to 12E, 12N, 4D

12E, 13N, 4D
Bars shoot out of the walls and trap
you! A booming metallic voice (with
volume set bit loud) intones:
"Who, brother, was created in the
image of this maker?"
Answer: Robot

11E, 12N, 4D
You see in front of you a shimmering
disc 2 feet in diameter resting on
the floor. Many tracks lead up to it
but none lead away.
You smell something tingling and acrid

11E, 11N, 4D
Teleport to 13E, 11N, 3D

12E, 6N, 5D
You are standing on what appears to
be an ancient rusty "man hole".

12E, 13N, 5D
Suddenly, both side walls come alive
with streaks of silver lightning
zipping through them. the door in
front of you has a small grey screen
"Entry Codeword:"
Answer: Desist

10E, 14N, 5D
The oily smog surrounding you suddenly
parts and you see a rather large,
grimy metallic figure. a raspy voice
comes forth:
"Halt! You need a 'SRIK' pass. "
He tosses you back into the oily smog.
(need Srik Badge)

15E, 4N, 5D
The bulky shape you saw from above is
here. A skeleton rests nearby.
Get ? Boat -> Inflatable Raft

10E, 15N, 6D
After descending down into the dark-
ness a little ways, the stairs
suddenly drop out from beneath you!
You are now in a small cramped room.
You choke on the sickening acrid smell
pervading the room. The air is moist &
hot. Your light finally penetrates
the encroaching darkness and you see
a message scratched on the cave wall
in dripping rotted blood:
"Welcum to the undurgrownd."

4E, 6N, 6D
A robot bows politely and says:
"Sorry Sir, we only take 'Master'card"
(need "Master" Card)

17E, 17N, 6D
You note on the ground a suspicious
looking black leather purse.
Search (Y/N) ? -> ? card -> "Master" Card

2E, 12N, 7D
Metallic hands grab party members and
push them back. A voice emits from the
"Sorry Master, but I may not let
you in without a floatation device.
(need Inflatable Raft but there is a bug
in the game therefore you will need to use
the Malor spell to teleport 2 squares west
to continue)

1E, 12N, 7D
You are at the very edge of a cliff
overlooking a vast underground lake.
The lake is about 100 feet down and
looks very dark and mucky. While
looking at the dripping stalactites
above, you almost slide off the cliff
because of the loose gravel here.

0E, 12N, 7D
Teleport to 11E, 15N, 8D

3E, 8N, 8D
Suddenly a mermaid pops out of the
sea beside you. Her eyes gaze into
yours and her breasts bob gently with
the waves. She flings her hair back
and you almost fall off your raft.
You feel mesmerized. A little girls
voice is heard inside your mind:
"Go before he gets you! Go! There
be only one way"
She then tosses you a bracelet from
her wrist. Something stirs underneath
her and she is dragged, screaming,
into the depths again. You look at the
bracelet. Inscribed on the band is:
"W-7 S-4 W-1 S-2 W-1 S-1"

14E, 1N, 8D
Teleport to 10E, 10N, 9D

10E, 10N, 8D
There is a very scrawny old man here.
Hi is dirty and hairy. He looks
suspiciously like a retired seaman.
He sees you walk in and he grabs your
colar, "The whirlpool! The whirlpool!
It's your only choice...Luring..the
beauty of the sea. She only appears
on the full fledged half moon. Search
hard for the mermaid, and she'll lead
you to the 'pool.'" He lets you go
and starts beating the rock walls with
his bare hands. "Let me out!!"

15E, 11N, 8D
At the other end of the room is a
crude catapult made from spare robot
parts. The arm is tense. Watch out.

15E, 12N, 8D
Teleport to 1E, 12N, 7D

9E, 10N, 9D
Stairs to 3E, 19N, 8D

3E, 19N, 9D
There is a very large and dismembered
messenger robot here. It looks as if
some great dragon munched on him for
a while and spit him up. Grimy muck
coats this metallic heap, and it
smells awful. Something dripping
from his chest sizzles as it strikes
the rock floor.
Search (Y/N) ? -> ? Tin can -> Spam in a Can

19E, 10N, 9D
There is a ravenous black winged
dragon here. He shakes uncontrollably
and gasps at you:
"Spam! I need spam!"
(need Spam in a Can)

18E, 10N, 9D
Teleport to 3E, 5N, 9D

2E, 0N, 9D
Teleport to 7E, 1N, 9D

17E, 0N, 9D
Stairs to level 10

7E, 19N, 10D
You see a shimmering force in the air
ahead. Faintly you see the image of
a misty castle within.

6E, 19N, 10D
Teleport back to castle.

3E, 5N, 10D
From beyond the door can be heard
thundering explosions and piercing
screeches and wails. It sounds much
as if the cosmos were ripping itself
to shreds. On the door is a sign:
"AW#001 remote testing grounds
105B. Do not enter! use remote obser-
vation centers 110B/112B"

4E, 5N, 10D
Encounter: 1 Element-Water
           1 Element-Air
           1 Element-Fire
           1 Element-Earth
Treasure: Werdna's Amulet

- END -