Wizardry PG Splash Small




! CASTLE                        MARKET !
+----------- CURRENT PARTY: -----------+

 1 SNAFARU         G-BIS  6   93   93
 2 MOLONY          G-MAG  9  100  100
 3 DDG AHAB        G-SAM  0  100  100
 4 CT6502          G-LOR  0 6502 6502

             YOU MAY GO TO:

D)OWNLOAD Download this Restored version of the Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord. Apple II version. In .dsk floppy disk images format.

R)EAD Read about all the fixes and who contibuted to them.

G)UIDE Additional guide to show how to run an emulator and start playing. Includes tips, character generation, game commands, lists of spells and equipment.

S)PELLS The very useful complete spells list.

E)MULATORS An Apple II emulator is needed to play the game. Popular ones are AppleWin (for PCs) and Virtual ][ (for Macs). You can also write the .dsk images to floppy diskettes and play on real hardware.