What happened to Andrew C. Greenberg

For a very long time now I've been wondering what happened to the gentlemen who brought us the exciting world of Wizardry. I was able to reach Andrew who was very kind to share the following:

Andrew C. Greenberg, July 9th, 1999:

Greetings. Wizardry fan response to our work continues to fill me
with great joy and surprise. It amazes me that a game first designed
and built for a few of my buddies in college during exam week so
many years ago continues to be so widely recognized and enjoyed
today. I am extremely gratified to hear how people, young and old,
still fondly remember their days of "fight, fight, fight, parry,
parry, parry."

Regrettably, irreconcilable differences made it impossible to
continue working with Sir-Tech Software, Inc., and the schism
resulted in a lawsuit that continues to this day. I immersed myself
in the design of real-time, real-space role-playing games with the
SIL (Society for Interactive Literature). That collaboration
culminated in the design and development of the critically acclaimed,
albeit commercially less successful, Star Saga series of
single-platform, multi-player games.

After seeing too many of my friends fall into situations such as I
found myself with Sir-Tech, and generally lamenting the state of
technology law, I resolved to do something about it and became an
intellectual property and computer lawyer. Since that time, I have
been hacking the law with glee, aiding former colleagues in distress,
drafting electronic signature, internet and other technology-related
legislation, and trying to bring a sense of justice and right to
computer law.

I married one of my former collaborators, Sheila McDonald, who has
given me two perfect children, Shoshanna and William. Robert,
Natsumi and their two beautiful children stay in touch and are
counted among our dearest friends. In large part because of fan
support such as yours, we all have been many times blessed by being
able to play for a living. We remain forever grateful.

Cheers, and thank you.