Wizardry #3:

Legacy of Llylgamyn

Maze Maps

(Our thanks from all us Wizardry fans to the originator of these maps, whomever you are)

E: Enemy
L: Lake/Necessary (Ship in Bottle)
C: Castle
Tc: Teleport to Castle
M: Message

E1: Enemy (Po'le/Amulet of Air)
E2: Enemy (Fiend)
$: Staff of Earth
N: Necessary (Staff of Earth)
S: Shoot/F4(13,13)
(s): From shoot/F4(12,13)
Warp A-a, B-b, C-c

$1: Trade(Gold Medallion-Holy Water)
$2: Trade(Broadsword-Gold Medallion)
N: Necessary (Holy Water)
Tc: Teleport to Castle(TAXI/5000G)
D: In Rock(Everybody die and goto castle)
M: Message
Warp A-a, B-b

E1: Enemy (Delf/Crystal of Evil)
E2: Enemy (Delf's Minion)
N: Necessary (Rod of Fire)
S: Shoot/F2(2,11)
(s): From shoot/F2(10,18)
P: paralytic Pool
M: Message
Warp A-a, B-b, C-c, D-d(Faked Shoot)

E: Enemy (Angel/Crystal of Good)
$: Rod of Fire/Necessary (25000G)
N: Necessary (Amulet of Air)
Tc: Teleport to Castle(TAXI/5000G)
P: Pit
M: Message
#: Dark Zone
Warp A-a

%: L'Kbreth/Necessary (Neutral Crystal)
F: Faked Orb(Orb of Mhuuzfes)
O: Real Orb(Orb of Earithin)
#: Dark Zone