S T A R T I N G    T I P S

S T E P  1 : Get onto Cyber1

- Go to http://www.cyber1.org

- You'll need 4 signons to play, click on 'Get a Signon!' in the menu to register them.

- You'll need the emulator, click on 'Download PTERM' in the menu to install the emulator.

- You'll need to learn the main keys which are F6-Help, F7-Lab, F8-Back and F9-Data, click on 'Keyboard' in the menu to see a list of keys and how it works.

- Watch the 'Cyber1 Introduction' video from 'Home' in the menu.


S T E P 2 : Play Oubliette

- To run Oubliette start lesson 'zoub' on Cyber1.

- Go to the files section of this site, the Oubliette Additional Player's Guide is a must.