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This is the Oubliette v2.5.1 game disk/files for DOS including Patch 1. Refer to the Additional Guide document below for how to get the game started.

(Posted Aug. 5th, 2013)


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This is the Oubliette v2.5 Pach 1 only file for DOS. Replacing the old OUB10.DAT file in your Oubliette installation folder with this one is safe since it will not erase your characters.

(Posted Aug. 5th, 2013)

*** Updated on Aug. 5th, 2013! ! ! ***

Oubliette-byte-editing-v-1-2.pdf by Snafaru

by Ozone

by Ozone

DOSBox emulator

Oubliette Byte Editing v1.2 shows you what each byte represents inside the Oubliette .DAT data files.

Oubhack is a program to decrypt/encrypt the .DAT data files.

Viewmaps v1.1 decrypts and displays the dungeons in MS Excel.

DOSBox is a x86 DOS emulator. On Windows 7 64-bit it is necessary to use it to play the game. For example, it lets you mount the folder where Oubliette is installed such as C:\oubliette as drive B: and then run it, as well as the Oubhack decryptor/encryptor, from that B: drive

(Posted June 6th, 2012, with my greatest thanks to Ozone without whom this project would not have been possible)





This is an Oubliette additional guide (includes updated spell lists), the most recent in years!
(Updated August 13th, 2013)


Original Oubliette Instruction Manual (PC-DOS Version) by Human Engineered Software in Acrobat PDF format (with a few corrections and re-formatted to be printed on letter-sized paper by Snafaru).


Original Oubliette Instruction Manual (Commodore 64 Version) by Aviva Software Corporation in Acrobat PDF format.

(Uploaded April 16th, 2017)

Oubliette disk image (Commodore 64 Version) to be played on an emulator.
We recommend the WinVICE emulator here. To start issue the command LOAD"OUB",8 then press 'enter' then RUN then press 'enter'.
p. s. My thanks to Kevin Otto for his support.






The Oubliette Character Progression Sheet helps you track your characters' statistics, equipment and spells.

The first link on the left in Microsoft Excel format for you to keep track via your computer.

The other link is in Acrobat .pdf format for you to print in order to keep track by pen.





Maps of levels 1 to 10 in Adobe Acrobat format for best looks, especially when printed. This is for Oubliette v2.5 with Patch 1.

Hint: if you have a 1200 dpi printer and it is too faint, try printing at 600 dpi

(Updated August 5th, 2013)




Although this table is for the PLATO version of the game it can be useful for the DOS version.
These monster tables were re-formatted in Microsoft Excel by yours truly with a PDF copy provided as well.
I haven't found the original author of this information so I can't give credit for it.




Peter Liska

Oubliette Strategy Guide v.0.1 - written by Peter Liska

An excellent guide.





An Oubliette guide by alanquix.

This guide has a few inaccuracies but has good game playing comments.