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The DragonQuest Ultimate Character Sheet


Version 7.0 by Matt Hodgins, November 6, 2020.

An all-electronic, player and game master must-have.

Create character, NPC and monster sheets with extreme ease and automatic calculations!

Bonus: Cumulative Experience Points Cost Chart.

(Posted November 6th, 2020 )

DragonQuest Players Association - Major Update !

The DragonQuest Players Association's “DQ Files” section has been fully updated. It is now a repository of over 600 files, all sorted, and with descriptions.

The DQPA web site’s "DQ Files" section also contains all the files and digests of what used to be on the defunct Yahoo! Groups.

Within the DQ Files section, check out the fantastic Magazine Articles repertoire.

As well, you will find the complete library of the DragonQuest Newsletters that includes articles, rules, and everything DQ. They are all together since I did not want to split the DQ Newsletters in different folders nor did I want duplicate listings of its contents in other folders. All the better for I am sure if you will have a blast and make pleasant discoveries if you take just a bit of time to go through them.

The DragonQuest Players Association web site’s main page is at http://www.dragonquest.org/

The DQPA direct link to the “DQ Files” section is at http://www.dragonquest.org/files/

(Posted November 7th, 2020)

Scanned by SnafaruThe Fourth Book: Arcane Wisdom The Fourth Book: Arcane Wisdom

Many thanks to Craig Brain and his team (all credits on second page of the document) for providing a revised and complete edition of this Book.

*** April 19th, 2002 Edition ***

Frontiers of Alusia - Extended Maps

*** Posted May 18th, 2001 ***

Play DragonQuest on your computer now!

Click here for the download page!

Based on the DragonQuest dice FRPG

Battle dragons, demonic forces, mythical and godly creatures to save the land of Alusia and free Princess Persia from the grasp of the very evil dragon called Loktar. Find the King's treasure room, if you can ;-) It is booby-trapped of course!

Download the DragonQuest scenario v1.0 now !!!
Player's Guide included for both new and experienced players!

.Discover 5 new maze features never used in the original Wizardry. Build a party of up 6 characters of any 5 races (2 new) and 8 new classes. Explore a 3D maze with stairs, pits, chutes, teleports, elevators, dark and anti-magic areas and much, much more. Over 80 monsters and 80 items taken from the DragonQuest universe, and 50 spells.

DQ Open Source - release 2004/08/14 * Acrobat PDF format! *

DQ Open Source - release 2004/08/14 * Zipped, MS Word format! *

Write to me if you require the file in Rich Text Format (.rtf) or Plain Text (.txt)

This is a DQOS Working Draft for review by DQPA Members and other
interested parties. It is a draft document and may be updated, replaced
or obsoleted by other documents at any time. It is inappropriate to use
DQOS Working Drafts as reference material or to cite them as other than
"work in progress". This is work in progress and does not imply
endorsement by the DQPA membership.

(2001/02/11, original release)
(Updated 2004/08/14, 9.1 Combat Equation Summary (Disarm and Knockout equations))

Treasure of Socantri Adventure - Download

Thanks to Craig Brain for his efforts in making this available. On behalf of all DQ players, even more thanks to Gerry C. Klug (adventure design and development) for letting us post it.

Thanks Chris, you're a sport.

(Posted February 2nd, 1999)

DragonQuest FAQs

Also part of DQ Open Source above (Updated August 21st, 1999)

Click here to download the Thalia (DragonQuest) font! <--- Click the font to download

(Posted April 30th, 1999)

DragonQuest House Rule - Weapon Defense Skill

Also part of DQ Open Source above (Updated June 3rd, 1998)

The Gamemaster Screens and Tables that you have always wished for

(Updated 2004/08/14, 9.1 Combat Equation Summary (Disarm and Knockout equations))

DragonQuest 2nd vs. 3rd Edition Rules Differences

(Posted July 8th, 1999)

DragonQuest Photo Gallery

(Updated May 31st, 2012)

DragonQuest Canonical Index - 29 November 2020

A canonical list of published DragonQuest materials.

(Major updates - 29 November 2020)

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DragonQuest 2nd Edition is Copyright 1981, SPI.

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