Wizardry VII

Crusaders of the Dark Savant

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Personally, I think that using these maps can ruin a lot of the game for you. I recomend that you make the maps yourself and use these only when you can't figure out how the map fits together. Besides, making your own maps usually results in more detailed maps!

This file contains a complete set of maps and a text file telling you which map is which. It also includes a guide through the wizardry game that uses the maps.


These are some misc. pages I found that have info on Wiardry 7.

Note: I am not responsible for the content of the pages listed. I put them on my site to ensure that the pages don't change without my knowlege.

Wizardry 7 Hints and Walk Through I found this on another site. It has many useful tips and a Complete, but not very thourogh walk through, Walk Through of the game. w7_hnwt.zip 3kb
Wizardry 7 Guide I found this on another site. This file contains a thorough, but incomplete, walk through of Wizardry 7. It also includes about 79 maps for the game in gif format. w7guide.zip 597kb

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