Wizardry 8 Walk-Through

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Lower Marten's Bluff Map
Marten's Bluff Map

Walk west to the T'Rang door and use the T'Rang arm on the ID plate it to open it. Enter and go west. Click on the painting for some information then head north. In the next room (with the large mural) go east and then south to the T'Rang trader's room. Sadok has some nice items for sale. When you're done head back north and west to the mural room. Click on the mural and answer the riddle (Marten) and start west. Explore the area and in the final west room read the diary and memorize the sentence displayed. Head back to the elevator pad (or the stairs) to the south and go up. Exit Marten's Bluff north back to the Swamp.

Swamp Map 

Once back in the Swamp head north and then east. Follow the road until you see a patch of blue flowers (hint) and a house. Enter and speak with Crock - he knows something about your missing party member. You can now either kill him (kidnapper!) or accept his quest. If you kill him go upstairs and rescue your character. If you accept the quest to kill the giant frog you should head west, north, cross the river bridge, and then go east. Kill Brekek and take the giant frog's leg back to Crock. Now cross the Swamp westwards to Trynton.

Trynton Map
Upper Trynton Map
Rattkin Tree Map

Enter the tree's main entrance and climb up to Upper Trynton Branches. If you picked up the blue feather in the Swamp give it to Fuzzfas who can make a nice potion with it. Go to the 5th Bough and then south to the pedestal. Place the idol on the pedestal, go inside, and speak with the Shaman. You now know who sent you (Marten) and the words he seeks from the diary. He will give you the Serenity Key. Check the other rooms for items and then go to the Rattkin Tree. The first building to your right (just above the 3rd Messenger Room) is the way into the Messenger Room. Use the key on the door, click twice on the panel on the floor, walk onto the straw, and fall into the Messenger Room. Get the Helm from the chest and exit through the (now-opened) wooden gate. Return to Fuzzfas (if you gave him the feather), get your potion and then exit Trynton. You can also exit the Rattkin Tree by using the lift and climbing down the rope. From lowest Trynton head back to Arnika along the Arnika-Trynton Road.

Arnika-Trynton Road
Arnika Map
Arnika Road

Enter Arnika and visit Antone Rapax in the Weapons Shop with your loot - chances are that he can make you some nice weapons and armor with the items you've collected along the way. Outfit your party very well by visiting the Temple, He'Li's or Anna's - some serious action is ahead so it's best be prepared. You can also store spare items in one of the rooms at the Inn or even in one of the bank's vaults. Once done, exit Arnika and go west and north to the Arnika Road. If you haven't used the Wheel Key on the Crypt Door (near the metal bridge) in the Lower Monastery this might be a good time to go there and do it. Finally, go to the T intersection southwest of the locked building and then head north to the Northern Wilderness.


Gadgeteer Items: None
Special Items: Giant frog's leg in Swamp (used with Crock), Serenity Key from Upper Trynton Shaman (used to get Serenity Helm), Serenity Helm in Rattkin Tree/3rd Messenger Room (used later in game)


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