The Garden of the Weeping Snows


a Wizardry scenario by Nich Hills

The Garden of the Weeping Snows - Briefing

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The world of Tekumel is a world unlike our own. Decaying technology,
powerful magic, alien races, stifling temperatures and a parthenon of
interventionist gods. A world where steel is rare and horses unknown.
A mighty nation bestrides this world - Tsolyanu, the Empire of the Petal
Throne - beset by enemies without and within.

You, and your five companions, are summoned to Tekumel by the Sorceror
Ruvadis. You are free to explore or to leave as you wish, once you have
performed the, oh most slight of favours for Ruvadis. The favour? Just
to retrieve an item long borrowed by the ancient Necromancer Nyelmu, the
tormented prisoner of the Palace of Frost in the Garden of the Weeping

* * * * * * * * * *

Nich Hills

The Garden of the Weeping Snows - Background information

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Empire of the Petal Throne is a role playing system invented by
Professor MAR Barker and set in his world of Tekumel. This scenario
uses concepts in Professor Barker's rule set published by TSR in 1975.

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Here are the downloads for The Garden of the Weeping Snows game This is The Garden of the Weeping Snows scenario with supporting files. It is in Apple II disk format. You will need an Apple II emulator to run it to run it such a the one below. Read the "readme" files before asking for help.

Note: This is the last planned version to support Win98/ME.
This is an Apple IIe emulator for Windows for the above scenario. Unzip it in the same folder you put the game into.

Tip: go into the AppleWin Configuration (joystick/speaker button at bottom right) and remove the check mark in front of "50% Scan Lines" to get better video.

The AppleWin web site is at:
Wizardry DragonQuest Scenario This is the DragonQuest scenario. Of special interest to Weeping Snows players is the Player's Guide inside (available in both Acrobat PDF and Text formats) to find out how to get started plus much more like the very useful spells lists...

If you need a utility to unzip these files, use Windows Explorer or go to and search for WinZip or WinRAR.

I will provide free installation help, tips, and character recuperation support via e-mail at