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Wizardry 1-5 Character Info


Natural Alignment Chart
Priest Priest
Bishop/Wizard Bishop/Wizard
Note 1:
         Alignment: can be changed by the following:

         When presented the option Fight/Leave:
              Choosing Fight is a Evil act.
              Choosing Leave is a Good act.
         Enough of either will change:
              Good --> Evil or Evil --> Good

         Neutral characters can do either and will not change.

Note 2:
        Class:  In some Wizardry scenarios there are certain
                items that allow a Class change regardless.

Character Race Chart
RaceStarting Statistics Resistances (not applicable to IBM and Apple II versions) Proficiency
+1 vs Goblins/Orcs/Hobgoblins
-4 vs Ogres/Trolls/Giants
25% Axe/25% Sword
25% Hammer/25% Spear
Elf71010696Charm/Sleep30% Spear/20% Sword
+1 vs Kobolds/Goblins
-4 vs Gnolls/Bugbears/Ogres/Trolls/Giants
40% Club/30% Spear
20% Short Sword

Character Class Chart
MageAny 11    
PriestNo Neutral  11   
ThiefNo Good    11 
Bishop/WizardNo Neutral 1212   
Samurai (Wiz 1-3)No Evil13131414  
Samurai (Wiz 5)No Evil1511101410 
Lord (Wiz 1-3)Good131311111312
Lord (Wiz 5)Good121212151415
Ninja (Wiz 1-3)Evil15 151115 
Ninja (Wiz 5)Evil151715161516

Wizardry Character Info
For the Following

Wizardry VI: Bane of the Cosmic Forge
Wizardry VII: Crusaders of the Dark Savant
Wizardry IV: Throb of the Demon's Heart (Japanese Super Famicon)

Character Races

All told, there are eleven different races that your character can choose from. Each race has its own advantages and shortcomings. A character's race determines his or her base statistics, such as strength and intelligence, and affects the ability to resist sickness, magic or a monster's attack. Ultimately, a character's race influences which professions he or she may enter. A complete description of all Wizardry's races follows:
Race Image Race Species Str Int Pie Vit Dex Spe Per
Description and Resistances.
This is the format to which each Race will be displayed.
Strength Intelligence Piety Vitality Dexerity Speed Personality
Race Symbol Human 9 8 8 9 9 8 8
Humans are the race to which all others in Wizardry are compared. Perfectly balanced in its statistics, having no particular strengths and no decided weaknesses, the human serves as a stable and dependable creature regardless of the profession a Human character eventually enters.
Resistances: Although a Human has no natural resistances, it has no particular shortcomings either.
Race Symbol Elf 7 10 10 7 9 9 8
Elves are smallish creatures, with pointed ears and a broad smile. They excel at intellectual pursuits, loving not only what they learn but the study that comes with it as well. Armed with these smarts, Elves make excellent magic users. Elves are also nimble creatures, moving their small bodies with an above-average ease and speed.
Resistances: Elves, because of their high intelligence, have a natural resistance to hypnosis and sleep spells.
Race Symbol Dwarf 11 6 10 12 7 7 7
Coming from a long line of forest and cave-dwelling folk, Dwarfs also have a taste for any adventure. They are small beings, but display a remarkable amount of strength. Their hearty stance and high vitality make them a natural for combat-related professions. Also pious creatures, Dwarfs make great Priests.
Resistances: The Dwarfs' robust body provides poison resistance, while its heredity provides for magic spell protection.
Race Symbol Gnome 10 7 13 10 8 6 6
In the underground caves of Wizardry, one might just find whole groups of Gnomes in their natural habitat. Typically keeping to themselves, Gnomes are sturdy, strong and agile creatures; their small stance can easily fool opponents in combat. Gnomes are also extremely pious individuals whose zest for learning is virtually unequalled by any other race.
Resistances: Because of their high piety and ancestry, Gnomes posess a resistance to magic spells.
Race Symbol Hobbit 8 7 6 9 10 7 13
A sleek and tiny race, the Hobbit is a dexterious and busy type able to maneuver its body ( and especially its fingers) into and out of the tightest situations. The Hobbit is also well known as a charming conversationalist and for its amazing friendliness and hospitality. Hobbits with lesser inclinations frequently use their silver -tongues and quick fingers to help themselves to goods and information.
Resistances: The Hobbit has resistance to Magic-realm spells.
Race Symbol Faerie 5 11 6 6 10 14 12
The tiniest and most agile race in all of Wizardry, Faeries are delicate and beautiful beings. Their small size and lightning speed give them a naturally low armor class. The Faerie is also one of the smartest and friendliest creatures in Wizardry. Although not much of a fighter, the Faerie can make an excellent Magic -User or Thief.
Resistances: The Faerie's long kinship with nature provides resistance to magic spells.
Race Symbol Lizardman 12 5 5 14 8 10 3
The Lizardman is a serpentine-type creature whose origins are somewhat uncertain. Although it is human-like in its ability to talk and walk upright, the Lizardman is not intelligent or personale (actually, others tend to avoid them). Its strengths lie in its natural ability ti fight...and win. Strong, fast and hearty, with a mind that thinks "Kill, Kill, Kill", the Lizardman can be the perfect combatant.
Resistances: A lack of intelligence provides resistance to mental spells, while its skin resists acid.
Race Symbol Dracon 10 7 6 12 10 8 6
A mixture of blood between Human and the Dragon created this wondrous race with incredibly unique abilities. While remaining private, the Dracon occasionally ventures out and will accompany another group for reasons of its own. It is strong, dexterious, and hearty, and can make a great Ranger, Thief, or Fighter. The Dracon also has a limited ability to breathe acid upon its opponents!
Resistances: Their Dragon ancestry gives Dracons resistance to acid and mental spells.
Race Symbol Rawulf 8 6 12 10 8 8 10
Rawulf's are devoted and hearty creatures. Descending from a race of intelligent, bipedal canines, they share their ancestor's caring personality and thick coat as well as an indication of their Speed, Strength, and Dexterity. The Rawulf's desire to learn, coupled with high Piety also help it to become an excellent Priest.
Resistances: The Rawulf's thick hair provides great cold protection.
Race Symbol Felpurr 7 10 7 7 10 12 10
Like their distant relative, the Cat, Felpurrs are fast, smart, and personable. They walk on their hind feet, and are beautiful creatures with a full mane of hair covering their bodies. Felpurrs are also Intelligent and Dexterious. Throughout their evolution, they have relied on their sleek body styling and speed more than actual physical strength, and have the ability to move their bodies with a grace unknown to virtually any other race.
Resistances: Quick reflexes help the Felpurr to dodge missiles and spells.
Race Symbol Mook 10 10 6 10 7 7 9
Very magical in nature, the Mook's exact origins are entirely unknown. Those skilled in Wizardry's mythology have gone so far as to speculate the Mook may even be of Alien origin! Mooks are extremely intelligent and strong creatures, and have a personality sure to charm the likes of most they encounter.
Resistances: The Mook's magical nature gives it resistance to magical spells. Its fur provides resistance to cold.

Character Classes

A total of fourteen traditional fields of study are available to your character, and each of these professions follows. By meeting the minimum qualifications of a profession, characters can begin to train in the profession's skills, magic, and conduct. Along with a description of the profession, you will see its Spellbooks (if any), Primary Skills and Basic Equipment:

  • Spellbooks: If the profession has the ability to learn magic, the spellbook will be listed here.
  • Primary Skills: Fresh out of training, your characters have become somewhat proficient in certain aspects of their profession. The Primary Skills reflect this training.
  • Basic Equipment: It would be pretty unkind, not to mention rude, to send your characters into the world naked, without weapons or shoes on their feet. Listed here is your character's basic, beginning inventory.
Class Image Profession Str Int Pie Vit Dex Spe Per
This is the format to which each Character Class will be displayed.
Strength Intelligence Piety Vitality Dexerity Speed Personality
Spellbooks Primary Skills Basic Equipment may vary between Wizardrys, example is from Wizardry VI.
Profession Image Fighter 12            
The general warrior class is one of the most time-honored professions in fantasy role-playing. Fighters generally have high hit points, and relish their role as shock troops. They may specialize in a wide array of weaponry skills, and often use these talents to dispose of monsters who stand in the way of adventure. Fighters mainly concentrate on these combat skills, honing them to a deadly point. Fighters can wear almost all armor and use most weapons.
None None Long Sword, Leather Cuirass, Fur Legging, Sandals, Buckler Shield
Profession Image Mage   12          
The creators of the powerful Mage spells continue, to this day, to devote a life's work to their study. Because they practice only the Mage spells and seek no other interests, Mages learn them quicker than any other profession in Wizardry. They have poor hit points and are very limited in the armor and weapons they can use. However, their powerful spellcasting makes them ideal for any party.
Mage Thaumaturgy Staff, Robes, Sandals, 1 Magic Missile scroll
Profession Image Priest     12       8
Long known for their healing powers, Priests are useful to any party hoping to live for more than a day in the world of Wizardry. Dedicated individuals, Priests give all of their attention to study of divine Priest spells. Their devotion allows them to learn Priest spells quicker than any other profession. Priests are also skilled diplomats, able to negotiate with NPCs. Priests have fairly high hit points, must use specially consecrated weapons, and can wear light armor.
Priest Theology Quarterstaff, Robes, Sandals, 3 Dios Potions
Profession Image Thief         12 8  
For those who just couldn't resist a good temptation, thieving might just be the perfect career. Thieves are very good at circumventing the noxious treasure chest traps which often lie between a party and their hard- earned loot. They also have a skill to pick locked doors, and delight in the opportunities to pick a pocket. Thieves can hide in combat, and if successfully hidden, they can launch a suprise attack...doing double damage.
None Skulduggery Cutlass, Cloth Shirt, Cloth Pants, Buskins, 6 Bite Daggers
Profession Image Ranger 10 8 8 11 10 8 8
The nature-lover of Wizardry, the Ranger enjoys a talent for scouting out such things as secret passages, trick walls and other traps of this nature. Much like Robin Hood, a classic of this profession, Rangers are excellent archers and have a deadly accurate aim. They receive a bonus when using all projectile weapons including a chance to score a critical hit. Around the third level of experience, Rangers slowly begin to learn Alchemists' spells. They also have fairly high hit points, and can hide during combat.
Alchemist Scout, Bow Short Bow, 100 Willow Arows, Suede Doublet, Suede Pants, Buskins
Profession Image Alchemist   13     13    
The weavers of magical spells, Alchemists aspire to bend the laws of the universe. Although they are spellcasters, their traditions show them to be the mixers of potions, and the diviners of spells. Using their high intelligence, Alchemists concentrate their studies fully to this art allowing them to learn its spells faster than any other profession. Additionally, due to the nature of their spells, they need no oratory and therefore cannot be silenced.
Alchemist Alchemy Staff, Robes, Sandals, 1 Cherry Bomb Potion
Profession Image Bard   10     12 8 12
The silver-tongued adventurer, the Bard enjoys a talent for song, entertainment, and conversation. Additionally, their musical talents allow them to play different enchanted instruments found within Wizardry, casting a spell with each. Bards also begin to study powerful Mage spells around the third level of experience. Bards have been known to pick a pocket or two as well, and learn in the ways of the Thief, allowing them to pick locks, disarm traps and hide during combat.
Mage Music Sling, 25 Bullet Stones, Cloth Shirt, Cloth Pants, Poet's Lute
Profession Image Psionic 10 14   14     10
Concentrating the wonders of the mind, the Psionic is a magic user who has developed mental powers to a level no other profession can hope to possess. Their spells have the ability to alter the mind, read it and mess with it in general. They are both clairvoyants and divinators, who focus all their energies on their mental and magical abilities. Through this devotion, Psionics learn the mental spells faster than any other profession.
Psionic Theosophy Dagger, Robes, Sandals, Shadow Cloak
Profession Image Valkyrie 10   11 11 10 11 8
A profession open only to female characters, the Valkyrie is a first-rate lance warrior. Her knowledge of weapons is vast and precise; her spirit for combat is great. She is strong, and has the ability to swing her sword with a speed and accuracy admired by all. Around the third level of ability, the pious Valkyrie begins the study of Priest spells, although she doesn't learn them as fast as a Priest.
Priest Pole & Staff Spear, Fur Halter, Chamois Skirt, Sandals, Leather Helm
Profession Image Bishop   15 15       8
Extremely intelligent and pious individuals, Bishops devote a major portion of their time to the ancient studies. Pooling the knowledge of the Mage and Priest, Bishops are well-studied characters who learn the spells of both their counterparts. However, because of the time required to study both spellbooks, Bishops learn spells more slowly then that of the Mage or Priest. Bishops, because of their great wisdom, are skilled in the political art of diplomacy.
Mage, Priest Thaumaturgy, Theology Quarterstaff, Robes, Sandals, Mitre
Profession Image Lord 12 9 12 12 9 9 14
Both an excellent fighter, diplomat, and pious spellcaster, Lords are the true crusader knights in Wizardry. While their combat skills are their primary concern, the Lord's interest in the divine Priest spells develops around the third level of experience, and helps to provide the party with the additional healing power it may need. Whether it be inflicting the damage or healing it or negotiating it, Lords are a great addition to any party.
Priest Diplomacy Braodsword, Quilt Tunic, Quilt Legging, Buskins, Steel Helm
Profession Image Samurai 12 11   9 12 14 8
The true swordsman of Wizardry, the Samurai has dedicated his or her life to the study of the sword. Their lightning speed combined with their sword's accuracy help them fight their way through most any situation. Samurai can learn the deadly skill of the critical kill, unleashing it upon their opponents in the heat of battle. Their mystical side allows them to develope Mage spells around the third level of experience.
Mage Sword Katana, Wakazashi, Robes, Sandals
Profession Image Monk 13 8 13   10 13 8
A wandering person in search of inner and outer development, the Monk is a talented warrior, fighting most with the hands and feet, who tops this ability with the knowledge of self defense. The Monk also possesses keen insight into the ways of the mind, and begins to learn the Psionic spells at the third level of experience. The Monk is also studied in the body, and may critical hit an opponent. He or she may also hide in combat.
Psionic Hand & Feet, Theosophy Bo, 15 Shurikens, Robes, Sandals
Profession Image Ninja 12 10 10 12 12 12  
The ultimate assassin, the Ninja is a silent and devout killer with skills and talents admired, but known little about, by all. They commonly fight with their hands and feet, wreaking havoc upon their unlucky opponents. Ninja may also deliver a critical blow to whatever stands in their way. Sharing some of the Thief's skills, the Ninja is able to hide in combat, in hopes of launching a deadly suprise attack. Much later in their careers, Ninja begin to learn Alchemist spells.
Alchemist Hand & Feet, Ninjutsu 15 Shurkens, Ninja Cowl, Ninja Garb, Tabi Boots

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