T'Rang Quests

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Should you decide to ally yourself to the T'Rang the series of quests that follow will be requested of you. Z'Ant, located in Lower Marten's Bluff at #2 will be your contact for all T'Rang Quests.

WARNING: This page contains Spoilers

Mission: Acquire a Flag
Reward: 40,000 experience, 2,000 gold
Criteria: Z'Ant wants proof of the Umpani presence at Mt. Gigas.
Details: Returning an Umpani Flag from the Umpani Base Camp will complete the mission. Either the Flag on the pole near the compound entrance or the Commemorative Flag sold in the Commissary can be used. Taking the Flag from the pole while Pvt. Panrack is alive results in the Umpani faction rating to be set to hostile. If he happens to get himself killed the flag may be removed with no repercussions to the party.
Mission: Kill an Assassin
Reward: *10,000 experience*, Raven's Head, and 1-4 items from the Raven Rapax Drop Treasure list
Reward: 80,000 experience, 4,000 gold
Criteria: A Rapax Assassin stalks Z'Ant and she wants it dead.
Details: In order to get the 10,000 experience from the first reward you need to lure Raven into the machine on Marten's Bluff (#3) and then smush him in it. To lure Raven to his doom you must use the Rapax Perfume sold by Crock in the Swamp (#1) on the dummy. The dummy is retracted into the ceiling and drops down when the lever in room to the west is used. Once the perfume is applied it takes a few moments for Raven to wander in. After he is near the dummy he will not leave just use the machine in the west to activate the trap. Once dead return Raven's head to Z'Ant.
Mission: Mook Alliance
Reward: 150,000 experience, 8,000 gold
Criteria: Deliver Alliance Letter to the Mook & steal the "device"
Details: Deliver an Alliance letter to the Mook in the Arnika Town Hall and relieve them of the Chaos Moliri. Showing Z'Ant the Moliri is required to complete this mission. You can either kill the Mook or replace the Chaos Moliri with the fake Astral Dominae gotten from the Dark Savant in the Swamp.
Mission: Obtain Black Ship Coordinates
Reward: 300,000 experience, 15,000 gold
Criteria: Tell Z'Ant the coordinates of the Dark Savant's Black Ship.
Prerequisites: Must repair the Arnika Spaceport Computer using the Shiny Metal Ball found in Bobo's (hogar) cage in the Trynton Zoo (#6).
Details: Recover the Flight Recorder from the ship Guardia which crashed in Bayjin (#7). Take the Flight Recorder to the Arnika Spaceport and insert it in the reader in the lower level. Go to the upper level and use the computer selecting Calculate from the available options. Entering the X, Y, Z data read from the recorder will result in the proper coordinates being displayed. Return to Z'Ant and enter these coordinates into the dialogue box.


The following quest, once performed, will make completing the Alliance Quest impossible.
Mission: Destroy Umpani Mothership
Reward: Finding the Operative 20,000 experience
Reward: At time of Mothership destruction 100,000 experience
Reward: Return to Z'Ant for an additional 600,000 experience, 100,000 gold
Criteria: Z'Ant requests destruction of the Umpani Mothership.
Details: This mission requires a few steps to complete and you will need to make contact with an Undercover Operative in the Umpani Base Camp first. 

Find Operative: Kunar is in the Commissary #3. Tell  him the watch phrase. Pay his fee (a percentage based on current party gold however I am unsure of the calculation method)  to gain a fake Top Secret Security Pass to gain access to Mt. Gigas Peak. He will also tell you the computer code you will need in order to complete the mission.

Destroy the Mothership: On Mt. Gigas Peak click on the latch cord across the runway to detach it. Enter the glass building and use one of the 3 computers in the ground level section of the building. The party will take a good deal of damage when the crash of the Mothership occurs.

Although Z'Ant gives you a mission to gather the 3 Artifacts and meet him at Ascension Peak, you will never see him there. Looks like you'll be Ascending alone.