Scanned by SnafaruThe DragonQuest Ultimate Character Sheet

I've been playing DQ since 1981 and finally got tired of having to do basic calculations all the time. So, I decided to create an electronic character sheet with the following criteria:

- It must look as closely as possible to the original character sheet in the 2nd Edition.

- It must follow the rules of the 2nd Edition.

- It must also have a magic section of a similar style.

- It must automatically calculate as much stuff as possible.

- It must be as good as it can get.

If you have suggestions, or found bugs in the spreadsheet, please write to me, Snafaru at so that I can make the necessary adjustments for the next release.


Mitchell Harris / J R Davis

This is release 5.0b, with additional material provided by J R Davis, Sept. 19th, 2003. It is also a great example on how to input a College of Magic's information, in this case the College of Ensorcelments and Enchantments.
Format is MS Excel.

Thank you Mitchell! Thank you J R!


Mitchell Harris

This is release 5.0a, dated Feb. 11th, 2001. Many thanks to Mitchell Harris for his major contribution in this revision. Adding automatic calculations for many skills must have been grueling work. Format is MS Excel.

Thank you Mitchell! This is exceptional work.


Alan Holsztynski

This is release 4.0, dated Dec. 27th, 1999. How can I thank enough Alan Holsztynski for his major contribution in this revision. He must have spent hundreds of hours of hard work doing it. Format is MS Excel.

Thank you Alan! This is exceptional work.



This is release 3.5, dated June 3rd, 1998. The zip file contains a blank form as well as an example so you will see how it looks and where to put the data. Input your favorite charaters, npcs or monsters!
Format is MS Excel.



This is an Experience Point Cost Chart which includes cumulative costs. A nice tool to quickly glance at how much is the total cost to be a rank 8 military scientist for example. Or it can help to quickly determine experience costs when let's say the game master assigns 50,000 exp. points to build a character. Includes skill, character generation, adventure, combat and magic experience point costs! Format is MS Excel.

If you need a utility to unzip these files go to and search for winzip or pkzip.