T Room Hints - By Blue Knight

The T-Room is a very special addition to the dungeon added with the 3.1 patch. It was added by Regis and its existance was kept secret. Those players who started finding it talked with Regis and all agreed to keep its entrance location secret. Of course the fact of its existance got out and there have been several discussions about the T-Room on the Demise forums - however, all who have found it have kept the secret of the entrance to themselves. This was done by common agreement to preserve the adventure of the search and the excitement of the discovery for each player.
PLEASE honor this agreement if you have found the entrance.

A number of hints have been included in the discussions. They do help narrow the search area (to only half the dungeon levels!) but do not provide a direct path to the level, nor the entrance. Some of the hints may become understandable only AFTER you find the entrance. I personally spent about a week casually checking for the entrance. When I got determined enough, I spent 2 days in a thorough seach and found it. Note: I only play an hour or two each day.

Since these hints are available to all in the forums, Shadow Beast agreed to post them in their condensed form if I would put them together.

So.... here they are:
1. "Have a cup of tea".
2. The entrance shows up as a wall using detect rock/map area.
3. The entrance is located in a slightly "special" area of the dungeon.
4. The entrance can be found before level 16.
5. "I found it completely by luck alone. I wasn't looking for it. I'll admit I wondered why the area the entrance was located in was how it was."
6. "After you have found it, the entrance does not disappear. So you should be able to find it with several characters."
7. "Getting back isn't as bad as you think. Getting there the first time is the hardest part. I use it a lot more than I thought I would, but I am still cruising level 17-18 (no char above 100 in any guild)."
8. The T-Room isn't so obvious to find just by looking at the maps.
9. "it shore were nice to have Tea with a whole whack of peaceful Wisps."
10. "I found it because I was remapping and searching for secret doors. The normal way to find doors is to bang walls."
11. "It is indeed possible to find the entrance to the tea room with perception. That's the way I did it, and I had no idea it was there either. Of course my party has two explorers, and I had gotten both of them to level 90 PRE-patch. I just "noticed" the entrance while remapping."

What's in the T-Room?
Heh, heh. You'll find out. But it's not named the T-room for nothing! Also, it helps address a certain problem with spell caster guilds.
Here's a few comments:
"The name of the Tea room is obvious if you have been there. Walk around and read everything."
"I found a new Grimoire this weekend, and now use the Tea Room lots more. I set my Explorer's Mystic Portal to the Tea Room and go straight there before adventuring. I then use the Sorcerer to cast resistances on everyone. The Explorer casts Flight, and I'm ready for a long trip. I then use a greenie from one of my other characters to get to a good starting point... right now on level 26."
"While there I cast: Magical Flight, Full resistances, See invisible, mass sight veil, shining lights." "I also cast amphibious breathing and protection"

Hope you find it eventually and by yourself. It truely will spoil the fun if you have someone tell you where it is. I was very frustrated just before finding it, but kept myself from asking for more hints. I'm now very glad I found it on my own!


Blue Knight