Going from R2 to Full Version
Many people want to know how to keep their characters, store files, etc, when going from the r2 version to the full version of Demise.  The automap CANNOT be kept - it will cause problems if you keep it.

Dave Allen said that you could simply install the full over the r2 version - but this does NOT work.
Lok used the following method instead.

1. Renamed folder Artifact-Entertainment to 'artold'

2. Used regedit to clean out demise in registry (killing branches, not just key values).

3. Installed gold to default.

 4. Copied over to the new install the character file, the confinement files, the store files, the guildspells files, and the library files.
These are DEMISECharacters.DED - character file
DEMISEStore.DED, DEMISEStore.MIS - store files
DEMISECompanionStore.DED, DEMISECStore.MIS - companion store files
DEMISEGuildSpells.DED, DEMISEGuildSpells.MIS - turned in treatise(s) files
DEMISELibrary.DED, DEMISELibrary.MIS - library files
The .DED files are single player information(except for the characters file), and the .MIS files are multiplayer files.

5. Ran demise for the first time.

So for those of you who wish to keep your shops, spells, and library, you can use this method to bring them over into the full.