Adventuring Helpers
  Determining what is the right dungeon depth; is your character:
1)  getting decidedly beaten up, or killed regularly - you are probably going too deep.
2)  getting robbed blind or hammered by chest traps - level up your best thieving a bit.
3)  only getting pummelled by one group of monsters on a level - avoid confrontation with that particular monster group.(Can you say "shift-downarrow"?)
4)  filling their inventory before gaining enough experience to gain a level, then you could go deeper into the dungeon.
5)  pinned before filling inventory - this level is fine.
6)  pinned about the same time that your inventory is filled - just right!! This is the best situation.

If you are constantly worried about your character getting damaged/killed and you have to frequently retreat from fights, you are probably too deep.