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Welcome to this attempt at a highly useful web page for all players(and potential players!) of "Demise:Rise Of The Ku'tan."  I hope that you find this page easy to navigate and hope that you find it a good resource of any and all information relating to Demise.

I welcome any information that people have on the game, and am constantly trying to get more useful information for players.  Anyone with any information regarding Demise that other players could find useful, or if any information on the website is incorrect, OR if you want to tell me what you think of the site email me.

This site is best viewed at 1024x768 resolution, though 800x600 with small fonts is also very readable.

Who To Blame:
Shadow Beast - Producer & Designer.  I put the stuff up and design how it goes up.  I started the site, so I basically 'run' it, so if you have something you want added - email me!
Zorkwiz(Archiver Of Uselessness) - Lead Researcher. 'Archiver Of Uselessness' is highly incorrect; Zorkwiz has sent(and still sending) me lots of information on all things Demise.
Theon Noctus - Assistant Lead Researcher. Has sent me a number of maps, and other various info.
Outer Circle - Editor In Chief. Keeps sending me email telling me where I have made mistakes!
Blue Knight - Master Of Items. Provided information about what items are found off what monsters!
Gandalf - Master of Miscellany. For providing lots of odds & ends of various information.
*Yan* - Lord of the Blindingly Obvious. For sending me his backup files to get monster pics, as well as lots of other information.
Ryk The Kreator. The Master of Treatises keeps sending me information about where to find those cool spellbooks as well as other yummy tidbits.

Other Thanks go to:
To the Dev Team at Artifact Entertainment - for making this great game!

Lok - for spewing out inordinate amounts of useful information on the Message board over a long period of time, lots of which is on these pages or has been used in writing them.

Kazelzarath - for making his KTools.  These have allowed me to see stats & information without having to actually see the monster/item in question.

Various Other Demise Players, Including(but by no means limited to):
Xantcha, *Nob, Sggrack-hzz, SirChess, Llew, Outer Circle, Dot Com, Gold Dragon, Vamp, El Tiozo, Dark Schneider, Kevin, Vorlin and more...

Everyone else with a Demise website & everyone who keeps on posting useful information on the Demise Message Board.

To YOU, for reading this!

You are visitor XXXXX to 'The Unofficial Demise:Rise of the Ku'tan Guide'

Revision History:
30th August - Phew! Big delay thanks to work commitments and other occurrences(my computer crashing one of them), but guild weapon guides are up! Thanks again to Blue Knight for the info.
6th July - Slimes, Demons & Devils added to monster listing. Treatise info updated. T-Room Hints page written by Blue Knight put up under the Helpers Section. Few other minor error fixes too - as always ;)
26th June - Have a full item listing. Only guild required quest items are omitted. Guild quests & Treatise Info updated.
15th June - Added Potions & Tomes to Item listing. Added Karelzarath's monster viewer to the monsters by Dungeon Level section.
6th June - Added more "found on" monsters to the item list. Made a few other minor changes as well. Kevin's parties added to Suggested Parties. (Yes I know I did this earlier, but I wanted to make it official :) )
17th May - Added Hammers, Axes, Maces, Cloaks, Sashes, Girdles & Boots to Item listing, fixed minor errors.(Seems I'm doing that a fair bit actually) :)
3rd May - Fixed some minor errors and added "Demise - The Changing" short story.
30th April - Fixed some minor errors in various pages. Moved treatise information to a different page from spell shortcuts.
21st April - Updated Spell Information to include treatise information. Updated item information.
19th April - Added "The Demise of Starke Ravingmad" Story & Spell Shortcuts, updated item listing & Gherrick's quests.
14th April - Changed r2 to full information, removed Bug List.
26th March - Added maps 12 to 17, thanks to Theon Noctus.
4th March - Updated Item Listing.
29th February - Fixed a few minor mistakes on various pages.
28th February - Added: Adventure & Interface helpers, r2 to full installation process, and BUG LIST.
26th February - Maps for levels 10 & 11 added. Monster & Item lists expanded. Guild quests spoilers added & corrected, 'Using companions' section added.
18th February - Maps from levels 1-9 now appear on the maps page. Added level 3-5 teleporters to teleporter list.
16th February - Added quite a bit to the spoiler section & monsters by level, updated Guild ability information. Started Item Listing.
11th February - Given the whole Demise section a complete revamp! Added frames for easier navigation as well as stacks of extra information. Will struggle to go much further back in revision history... *grin*
6th February - Added Demise Short Story.  Given the good feedback I got about this story, I could easily write some more...
5th February - Added High Level XP requirements & started Monster List by Level.